FitnessPut Your Best Fitness Foot Forward With These Top Workout Routines

Regular exercise not only helps one burn calories but can also help one manage stress levels and stay fit, both physically and mentally. Remember that being regular with your routine is key and even a scheduled 30-minute workout every day can go a long way.

We’ve curated a list of the top 5 workout routines you can do (even from the comfort of your home). All you’ve got to do is pick out your favourites, put on your Zivame Activewear, and be consistent!

  1. Cardio 

Activities such as brisk walking, swimming, running, or cycling come under the umbrella bracket of cardio. These aerobic exercises involve using oxygen and primarily witness increased breathing and heart rate during the activity. That could mean sweating and that’s why you’ve got to choose a High-Impact Sports Bra and Leggings from Zivame to ensure you have the right support and compression

2. Pushups 

Traditional pushups can be useful for developing your upper-body strength because they target the triceps, pectorals, and shoulder region. Over time, they can also strengthen your lower back and core if you engage your abdominal muscles correctly. All you have to do is get the right Sports Bra and pair it with your favourite-coloured Leggings, and get right into this quick and effective strength-building exercise.

3. Squats 

Looking to burn that belly fat? Squats can help you! They’re effective when it comes to burning calories and may even contribute to weight loss around the stomach and thigh area. Squats are great for when you want to strengthen your tendons, ligaments, and bones around your leg muscles. With a pair of breathable T-shirts and High-Compression Leggings from Zivame, you can practice this exercise as part of your routine and even prevent knee and ankle injuries!

4. Burpees 

Burpees are a type of calisthenics exercise that gives you a full-body workout while aiming to increase your muscle strength and endurance in both the lower and upper bodies. So head on and choose a High-Impact Sports Bra to keep you well supported and pair it with High Stretch Leggings as you work towards strengthening the muscles in your legs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, arms, chest, and shoulders!

5. Overhead dumbbell presses

Overhead dumbbell presses are a simple and effective method to incorporate weight training into your workout routine. You can improve your back mobility with overhead presses too! And if you’re wondering what the perfect outfit for this type of workout is, then you may want to choose a comfy Sports Bra and wear it with a stylish Tank Top to help you get in the zone.

Good fitness programs include cardio exercises, muscle toning, and flexibility stretching. They can also help you stay healthy and prevent dangerous threats such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, and even diabetes. With all the right equipment, motivation, and a few Activewear from Zivame, you’re good to go!

Heidi Thomas

Heidi is here for all the “write reasons” If she’s not reading a book or drinking coffee, then she’s on the hunt for a good pun!

Heidi is here for all the “write reasons” If she’s not reading a book or drinking coffee, then she’s on the hunt for a good pun!