FitnessPost-Workout Snacks That You Can Cook Up In A Jiffy!
post-workout snacks

How many times have you heard the saying “You are what you eat” and thought “ugh”? Cooking a substantial post-workout meal can take up some of your time. So where do you go after a workout to find a healthy and wholesome snack to munch on? Here’s your cue to boost your energy levels with extra-healthy snacks that won’t take too long to rustle up.

What you eat after a workout will help you replenish all the energy you’ve lost during the workout. Check out these nutritious post-workout snacks that you can refuel with!

1. Grills and roasted veggies

post-workout snacks

A wholesome snack contains all the nutrients you’re going to need, but also in the right amounts. It is especially important to consume carbohydrates and protein following a workout to feel energized and to support your body muscles. Dice up some grilled chicken (or tofu if you’d prefer a vegetarian snack) and roast some veggies to go with it. Top it up with your favourite sauces and spices and go all out on this party!

2. Fruit salads 

post-workout snacks

A fresh fruit salad has all the right ingredients to give you a balanced post-workout snack! Add all the juicy berries you can find, and toss it with a dash of vanilla sauce or maybe even some greek yoghurt. Experiment with your fruit salad when you’re in the mood by adding some cottage cheese for that extra flavour. Thank us later for the dose of dairy protein!

3. Oatmeal and milk

post-workout snacks

Picture this – you’re back from your morning run, and are about to sit for your fit-snack! A small bowl of oatmeal and milk is rich in protein and carbs that are good for you. Add some healthy toppings you love like fruits or berries (maybe even some grated dark chocolate for those indulgent days).

4. Apple slices and peanut butter

post-workout snacks

This one is for those who start simmering at the idea of slaving in the kitchen. Slice up an apple or a pear and eat them alongside a spoonful of peanut butter. Peanut butter is a moderate source of protein, and you can get your fill of natural sugar from the apples and pears too. Enjoy the intricate taste of the crunchy fruit along with the creamy peanut butter!

5.  Avocado toast

post-workout snacks

Avocados are just as delicious as they are a healthy post-workout snack. Mash them to form a smooth paste and top them up on crispy slices of toast for a quick bite. They’re easy to prepare and pleasant on your taste buds too! Make sure to choose whole-grain bread, if you want to watch out for your carb intake.

6. Banana shake

A filling smoothie keeps you pumped after an intense workout. Bananas are a no-brainer for your smoothie because they contain wholesome potassium that is great for your metabolism. Combine one sliced banana with some protein powder and milk and blend it to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Post-workout snacks after exercising help your body in decreasing muscle protein breakdown and increases growth. It can also help to replenish glycogen stores and improve your overall body recovery. 

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