Uncategorized6 Reasons Zivame’s Mermaid Shapewear Is Better Than Any Saree Petticoats

What you wear inside your saree can make or break the whole look. Everybody’s go-to for years has been the drawstring saree petticoat – something your mother and grandmother would swear by.

But we’ve got something way better – the Zivame Mermaid Shapewear! And we’ll tell you why you NEED to get this!

Reason 1: There’s No Drawstring Chafing Your Skin

Comfort is the most important thing to look for when it comes to sarees. You’re already draped with six yards of fabric and the last thing you’ll want is the tight waist of the drawstring petticoat digging into your skin. Our  Mermaid Saree Shapewear solves this problem – the waist is made of a soft elastic that’s just tight enough to hold your saree in place without chafing you.

Reason 2: It’s More Breathable
Daily wear petticoats are made of cotton or poplin and petticoats for fancy wear are usually made of silk or satin. Cotton petticoats are breathable but bulky and satin petticoats are smooth but not so breathable. Our Mermaid Saree Shapewear is made of Polyamide Spandex which means it’s breathable, while at the same time giving you a smooth look.

Reason 3: It’s Easier To Walk In
We already know that saree petticoats add a lot of unnecessary bulk to our sarees for no reason. But our mermaid-fit Mermaid Saree Shapewear sits sleek against your body so that your saree has a nice smooth finish. It also comes with a slit near the ankles so you’ll be able to walk comfortably without tripping.

Reason 4: It Comes In A Range Of Colours
The Zivame Mermaid Saree Shapewear comes in 13 different colours, including black, white and skin, so you’ll never have to compromise! Gone are the days you had to go hunting to cloth stores with your saree in hand so that you’d get the exact colour.

Reason 5: It Shapes Your Body
While normal petticoats do absolutely nothing to shape your body and in turn add more volume, our Mermaid Saree Shapewear comes with light control for stomach and thigh shaping which means no more bulges! Never has anything made a saree look this good before.

Reason 6: It’s Not Just For Sarees!
Saree petticoats can be worn under sarees, but that’s where the list ends. Mermaid Saree Shapewear can be worn under fitted gowns, sheer maxi dresses as well as under lehengas and skirts for a smoother look under the outfit.

Now That You Know It’s Time To Ditch The Outdated Petticoat, Get Our Mermaid Shapewear For All Your Favourite Sarees!

Team Zivame