UncategorizedWeek 4: The #GetFitAugust Challenge – Be Mindful

Hey there! How’s the #GetFitAugust Challenge working out for you so far? Now that you’ve gotten your body used to working out, what about your mind? After all, fitness isn’t just about looking sexy on the outside… an aware and positive mind is a sexy mind!

So, in Week 4 of the #GetFitAugust Challenge, we’re going to help you learn and practise mindfulness so your everyday fitness routine gets a holistic boost!

Download the chart below, sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and start practising the 7 Days of Mindfulness!

Day 1: Breathing Deeper

For those who aren’t in the habit of regular meditation, this is a good way to start. For the first day, just focus on your breathing for 5 full minutes – inhale deeply, hold your breath for a few seconds and then exhale slowly and completely. Let every exhalation get a little longer than the last. Don’t give up if too many thoughts come to mind; just acknowledge them, and gently bring your attention back to your breathing.

Day 2: Following Your Breath

On Day 2, we’ll go one step further. Now that you’ve practised breathing deeper, it is time to follow your breath from start to finish. Imagine yourself as a witness to your breath. Notice how it feels from the first moment – when you inhale the air from your nostrils, how it flows through your lungs, till the last moment you exhale. Observe your breath for 5-7 minutes. This will train your mind to focus on one particular action, thus helping eliminate distracting thoughts.

Day 3: Building Awareness

Day 3 of Mindfulness is all about building your awareness of self. How often do you really pay attention to every part of your body? Now is the time to try. Breathe deeply, and with the next inhalation, focus your attention on one specific body part at a time. Start with the tips of your toes, slowly moving upwards to your torso till the crown of your head. Become aware of the sensations in every part of the body that you turn your attention to.

Day 4: Developing Concentration

How often do you struggle to finish one task before moving on to the next? In this age of multi-tasking, many people just can’t pay attention. So, on Day 4, start by placing an object of your choice in front of you. Sit still and focus on the object – take in every detail, every texture, every aspect of the object while continuing to breathe deeply. At the end of the 7 minutes, close your eyes and visualise the object you focused on, till you can see it clearly in your mind’s eye.
Day 5: Learning To Let Go

Are you living with pain, guilt, anger, sadness or any other feeling that’s bringing you down? Then, it’s time to let it go. On Day 5 of Mindfulness, sit comfortably with your eyes closed and conjure up the image of the feeling that you’re trying to let go off. Give it a shape, size, and colour and now imagine it being placed in your hands. Allow your mind to create a soft golden bubble around the object in your hands, and slowly release it to the universe. As you release the object from your hand, allow yourself to release the feeling from your mind too.

Day 6: Returning To The Positive

Trying to stay positive all the time isn’t easy; but it isn’t impossibleStart by maintaining the deep breathing technique. Allow your mind to wander and try to pay attention to the different thoughts that are flowing in. Every time you catch a negative thought, consciously release it from your mind and gently urge your mind to think of something more positive. Follow this practice for 10 minutes and then try returning to the positive every time you catch yourself thinking of something negative, throughout the day.

Day 7: Embracing Acceptance

On Day 7 of Mindfulness, the task is simple – learn to accept; others as well as yourself. Sit comfortably, empty your mind and start repeating positive affirmations to yourself. They can be simple statements such as “I love myself and forgive myself” or “I accept and love all those around me wholeheartedly”. Repeating these positive affirmations with re-wire your brain to release the emotional baggage and embrace love and acceptance with open arms!

Remember, it’s not going to become a habit overnight. But if you practise mindful meditation regularly, you’ll be amazed at the positive difference you see in yourself!

Tip: While meditating, it is important to feel comfortable. So, wear some light and breathable clothes that don’t weigh you down.

Team Zivame