UncategorizedWeek 3: The #GetFitAugust Challenge – Get Working!

It’s Week 3 of the #GetFitAugust Challenge and now it’s time to level up! Now that we’ve tackled two major challenges – eating clean and waking up and getting our bodies to move, let’s try to push ourselves further. Our Get Working chart is going to help you get into the routine of doing a little bit of cardio every day so you’ll be working on your stamina and endurance.

Let’s Go!

Remember to take a 1-minute break between sets and keep sipping water to avoid getting dehydrated. Do as much as you can, but remember not to push yourself so hard that you’ll reach breaking point.

We’ll share next week’s challenge on Monday, 21st August 2017. Stay tuned, we’re going to go from wellness of the body to wellness of the mind!

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Team Zivame