UncategorizedSay Hello To Our New Yoga Panties!

We’ve all been there and we know that yoga pants = embarrassing panty lines. When you stretch into the downward dog position, everyone knows whether you’ve got on a hipster or a bikini style panty. But wait! It seems the underwear gods have heard our plea and introduced yoga panties!

These new yoga panties are here to take on the yoga pants challenge. They promise to stay put no matter how much you move around. And here’s how they do it:

They are stretch-to-fit.

Since there aren’t any seams on the sides, the panties will move with you while you do your asanas. Plus, these panties are designed to sit flat against your skin with a firm grip so they don’t slip. This means that you can stretch and move all you like, and they won’t slip and slide off you!

They are tag free and have a super soft texture

No tag = no chafe! The panties are extremely soft and totally skin friendly Hygiene is key and we don’t want you to be uncomfortable at any point because it could compromise your performance; be it at the gym or the dance studio.

They’re not just for yoga

Don’t be fooled by the name. Yoga panties go well under narrow pencil skirts or bodycon cocktail dresses. So, whether your usual preference is hipsters or the more conservative briefs, yoga panties have you covered. Literally! Try a hipster style yoga panty with formal pants or opt for the bikini style ones under your tracksuit.

Thanks to yoga panties, the only thing people will notice when you turn around is how good you look walking away.

Team Zivame