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Winter is nearly over and with summer comes the intense need to rush off to the ocean and take a dive in the salty and cool water. Here comes the need to order bikinis online from an online bikini store. But bikini bra online shopping also means looking at the different styles available along with the bikini cost. The perfect swimwear is a necessity for truly enjoying a day out at the beach. Buy sexy bikinis to ensure just that – and get ready for the summer! Choose the perfect bikini by following this guide to order bikinis online and have a fun day out at the beach then! Online bikini shopping has never been easier with the click of a button and thousands of styles, only at Zivame! less

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Bikini Online in India

Be Water-Ready in Gorgeous Bikini

Come summer and we are all set to hit our favourite beach holiday destination to cool off in style. However, one cannot have a good time by the water without the right swimwear to boot. Most of us are tired of having to scour multiple stores for that one elusive bikini that fits and looks like a dream. This is why Zivame has come up with the perfect time-saving solution for all you wary souls who cannot bear to visit another swimwear shop. Say hello to our all-new bikini collection with stunning pieces that do your beautiful body justice. Whatever your style preferences, body shape and size, or shopping budget, we have the perfect bikini for you. Just come take a look at our wide range of bikini online and walk away amazed.

A Brief History of Swimwear

Swimsuits were first made in the mid 1800s – before this, people would either strip down to their underwear or bathe in the buff. The latter half of the 19th century saw women swim in loose, full-sleeved dresses or gowns with belts and pants made from flannel. This was so that women could safeguard their modesty and conceal most part of their bodies. At the beginning of the 20th century, realisation dawned that these heavy swimsuits were not very utilitarian, especially for swimming contests, both big (the Olympics) and small.

It was not until 1946 that Louis Reard, a French designer, designed the world’s first two-piece bikini and hired Micheline Bernardini, a showgirl from Paris, to model it. He had named the bikini after the Bikini Atoll, a headline-grabbing atomic test by the US. The bikini, due to its controversially minimalist design, was not very popular with the general public at first. However, big Hollywood stars like Ursula Andres, Brigitte Bardot, and others, took to it in a big way and were spotted in them often, thereby helping change this attitude. Today, there are many design variations of this beloved women’s swimwear, including the monokini, tankini, microkini, etc.

Bikini for Every Body Type

Everyone can look good in a bikini no matter what their body type – all you have to do is to pick the right design for yourself so you feel confident in your own skin. The following are a few tips to help look your best in a bikini:

  1. Pear shape
  2. Women with heavier hips must accentuate their bust with frilly, fringe bikini tops or halter necks. Two-tone sets with a brighter top would also work wonders for your figure. It is best to avoid wearing bottom wear in the style of boy shorts. If you feel the need for tummy-tucker bottoms, it is best to go ahead and opt for a pair.

  3. Apple shape
  4. If you are heavier around the shoulders or bust area, you have an apple-shaped body. Bikini tops with thick straps and underwired, non-padded cups will contour your shoulders, highlight décolletage and support your bust. Printed bottom wear will accentuate your slender legs and smaller hips. Avoid wearing swimwear with horizontal stripes or halter neck tops.

  5. Hourglass shape
  6. If you have an envious hourglass figure, then you are blessed as you can mix and match with different swimwear pieces. Flaunt your curves in supportive halter necks while steering clear of string tops.

  7. Rectangle shape
  8. If you crave volume both around the bust and hips, your body has a straight up and down silhouette with minimal curves, thereby making it resemble a rectangle. Floral prints, vibrant colours, bikini tops with lightly padded cups and bottom wear with ruching at the back will help draw attention to and play up the contours of your body.

Choose Perfect Bikini Set Online

Many a time, we make hurried buying decisions that we end up regretting and fretting about. At Zivame, you can take your time to choose the perfect ladies’ bikini for yourself. This is what you can expect from our assortment of select women’s swimwear for you:

  1. Are you just beginning to love the water with your swimming lessons in full swing? Wear a stylish one-piece bikini in black and white to your favourite pool in the neighbouring club. Make sure to carry a sarong and towel along with you every day for a fun, comfortable time.

  2. Looking for something modest and with a little extra coverage? Pick a floral print tankini with criss-cross halter neck string detail. Do not forget your swimming goggles and swimming cap for a fuss-free time at the pool.

  3. Hosting a pool party to beat the summer heat in style with your pals? Pick a supportive, medium-coverage padded tankini set in complementary dual tones. Not only will you be able to walk around by the poolside making conversation with the party goers, but you will also be able to dive into the water whenever you desire.

  4. If you are in an adventurous, experimental mood, show off your body in a sexy bandeaukini with geometric print. This is best for a quiet beach getaway with your man or a bunch of gal pals when all you want to do is to soak in some sand and surf while looking oh-so-fabulous.

  5. All bikinis come with precise sizing information which will help you choose what is best for your body type. All you will need is a measuring tape to determine your vital statistics. Additionally, all care information listed on the product page or accompanying the bikini itself will help in general upkeep.

Buy Bikini Online Only on Zivame

We are confident in our abilities to serve you, our esteemed customer, well. Rest assured that we bring you only the best swimwear that will help you look and feel great. Whatever your personal sartorial likes or dislikes, our bikinis will make an indelible impression, both on you and your beholders. You are bound to keep coming back for ever more of our splendid women’s wear collection. Come, buy a bikini online on Zivame; also check out ladies panties, bras, shapewear, nightwear, and other chic intimate wear items from the comfort of your home.

FAQs on Bikini

  1. What is the difference between - Monokini & Bikini?

    Monokini is a single-piece swimwear with a skimpier V-cut bottom. On the other hand, a bikini is a two-piece garment. It has two triangles that cover the upper and bottom parts of the body.

  2. Which is better - Swimsuit or Bikini?

    Frankly speaking, both swimwear have their beauty. Women who are more into swimming should go for a swimsuit. On the other hand, women who like to chill on the beaches and enjoy water sports can opt for a bikini.

  3. Which type of bikini is the best?

    There are different styles of bikini available on Zivame. You can pick the style that amplifies your confidence and personality.

  4. Why wear a Bikini?

    A bikini is a beautiful garment. It is comfortable, lightweight, and apt for all water-related activities.

  5. What is the difference between - Bikini & Tankini?

    A bikini is a two-piece garment that is worn during water activities. On the other hand, a tankini is a tank-top-like swimsuit that comes with extended coverage to the waist.

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