Uncategorized5 Trendy, Summer Haircuts To Most Definitely Try!

The mane wants what the mane wants, especially when it comes to trendy haircuts. The struggle between “stick to what you know” and “you only live once” flares brightest when it’s time for a chop. Add peak summer to that, and it’s a done deal! So, for the female urge to chop it all off, we’ve got a list of fashionable choices – summer appropriate AND celebrity approved! Read on for the deets!

Your Lob-ster

Ageless. Mystique. Chic. These are but some of the words stylists and your favourite celebrities are using to describe this style. Imagine waking up with messy, bedhead hair – but sexier! The long bob – or Lob, if you will – is when the regular bob sits below the chin and above the collarbone. So, all our swan-necked beauties, time to take flight and show off your chiseled jawline. Don’t be shy experimenting with colours and textures, and you will floor them all.

Trendy hairstyle

Peek through the Curtain Fringes

All of us have had a “would she, wouldn’t she” tension with fringes at some point. But may we suggest a middle ground? Opt for a length that you can tuck behind your ears on days you don’t really feel fringe-y. Presenting, feminine, wispy curtain bangs! Part them down the middle or to the side, these swoopy bangs will perfectly frame your face. They look great on all hair textures, and grow out nicely.

Trendy hairstyle

Pixie magic

Anyone remember Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen in Twilight? To us, her pixie hair was fresh, fascinating and so freeing! Most recently, Catwoman Zoe Kravitz too was seen stoking the pixie cut fire on screen. It may not be everyone’s style but hear us out! This simple wash-and-go haircut can accommodate bangs and mini-layers for volume with a dramatic flair. If you’re open to experimenting – this is your road to glam!

Trendy hairstyle

Layer it up

Nobody does layers better than Jennifer Aniston- change our mind. She makes the style look so effortlessly glam. But in all fairness, this classic, face-framing style IS effortlessly glam. Bone-straight or beachy-waves, adding a few short layers will go with every hairstyle, accentuating your features this summer. With your hair tied up and a few layers falling artfully around your face, summer brunches never looks sweeter!

Trendy hairstyle

Shag & Slay

Sported by Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish – to name a few – The Shag has been a celebrity-favourite since 2021. As the name so eloquently describes, this style is all about shaggy and unruly layers in various lengths. Rest assured, you’ll be the talk of every beach party this summer in this head-turner. Again, if you are a little apprehensive to try this out, ask your stylist to create a variation or customise it to your features.

Quite a sultry list for the summer, isn’t it? Go on then, turn up the temperature in any of these trendy haircuts. Be sure to take good care of your mane in the process. Pick your care package from a range of haircare products from Zivame and experiment your heart out!

Ananya Endow