UncategorizedTeam Zivame Answers: “What’s Your Favourite Bra?”

Working for Zivame means you never have a dull moment. Cos we’re able to get away with asking women what their favourite bra is and then publishing those answers to make a blog out of it!

Join the conversation as six women speak about the reasons they fell in love with their now favourite bra. Let’s see what Team Zivame picked and what they had to say!

Barkha Jangde, Quality Analysis Lead

Favourite Style: Miracle Bra



Reasons Why: “Slipping into a Miracle Bra is hands down the next best thing to going braless. It fits like a glove and I wear it all day, from my Yoga lessons to my after-work parties. Actually, you know what? I think this is the most comfortable bra I’ve worn in the quarter century I’ve lived. I wear this style every other day but I don’t ever remember awkwardly adjusting it.”



Kavitha CS, Associate Director of Retail Operations 

Favourite Style: Floral Cotton Padded Wired Bra



Reasons Why: “I am a big fan of florals but I’m very picky about the kind of floral patterns that go into my wardrobe. I love how this style is feminine without being an overkill. It’s super flattering and also, comfortable. All in all, it ticks all my boxes.”




Sirisha Tadepalli, Vice President of Marketing

Favourite Style: True Curv Super Support Bra



Reasons Why: “Lingerie shopping used to be a nightmare. Finding a bra in my cup size was a Herculean task. Even if I did, the colour would be unexciting. I was all set to settle for boring but thankfully, the TrueCurv Collection came out right then and it really was a godsend. Supportive, pretty and affordable – What more can a curvy woman ask for?”



Ankita Rana, Summer Intern

Favourite Style: Lightly Padded Underwired Bra



Reasons Why: “Nothing makes my heart pop like red. We all have a corner in our drawers for our special lingerie, right? This style belongs right there. I throw it on when I’m ready to party and I feel like…sexy starts with me.” *laughs*




Shilpi Neha, Social Media Manager

Favourite Style: Sporty Twist Push Up Bra



Reasons Why: “When I’m lingerie shopping, I look for three things. Seamless cups, subtle hues and added lining. This style is all of those things and more. It also provides the right amount of lift for a natural look and this sexy push-up does its job without being too over-the-top.




Shilita Roy, Senior Executive Human Resources

Favourite Style: Colour Struck Padded Pretty Back Bra



Reasons Why: “I used to wonder if a pretty bra can also be functional and supportive? I tried on this style and I now have the answer. As if the lacy floral front isn’t enough to excite you, there’s an added surprise element at the back.”





Team Zivame