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“In the waves of change we find our direction”

At Zivame, we believe that every woman – no matter what shape, size, or age – deserves to feel comfortable and confident . That core idea is what has always driven us to push ourselves to greater heights and our customers have always been the only reason behind what we do. We have thought inside the box, outside the box, and even become the box at one point to innovate and give you intimate-wear that helps you express yourself the way you want to. Because nothing does our hearts good as much as seeing our customers happy and satisfied.

But, as someone wise once said, “Sometimes our lives have to be completely shaken up, changed, and rearranged, to relocate us to the place we’re meant to be.” And for us at Zivame, that place is where we evolve from just being your most preferred lingerie brand to a one-stop destination for all your intimate wear needs. A place where you discover joy by discovering yourself. A place where you’re not measured against your own kind. A place where you have fun and you’re celebrated for being you.

With this thought in mind we bring to you Zivame version 2.0. It’s fresh, it’s young, it’s friendly and we promise you’ll love it even more. To kick things off, we have a brand-new logo which represents our true fluidity in terms of innovations and multiple consumer choices.

Our new colour – coral – is soothingly familiar while being pleasantly adventurous. The ‘Z’ at the centre of the monogram signifies that we’re still rooted in our core fundamentals of delivering great products while providing phenomenal customer experience. The lower open end of the monogram, on the other hand, represents that we’re always inclined to experiment and innovate.

Apart from this new identity, we’re also pulling all-nighters to bring you products that help you truly express yourself. We are constantly evolving and innovating to help you achieve a seamless look and give you the confidence to sport multiple styles with finesse. The Zivame Curvy range allows our styles to stay true to their promise of inclusivity; the discreet packaging ensures your privacy; and our multi-channel offering allows for a personalized Zivame experience on the platform of your choice.

With this campaign, we also urge you to love yourself inside out. We women are constantly being judged by the world, are doubting ourselves, and often find ourselves running around from pillar to post to attain perfection. It’s high time we accept ourselves with all our flaws, love ourselves, and celebrate ourselves – every single day.

As we unveil our new identity and tagline “Love yourself inside out”, we want to invite all you lovelies into our world. For, we keep you at the centre of everything we do, and we are obsessed with offering only the best to you.

Say hello to Zivame version 2.0 here.


Team Zivame