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    Top 10 Breastfeeding Facts You Didn’t Know!


    Hey Mommie, it’s Breastfeeding Week and what better way to start it off than with a kick? Don’t worry, we promise these are fun and informative.

    Over time, we have all been privy to age-old, as well as postmodern benefits of breastfeeding. And while that’s great, it’s also led to rumours and myths spreading like wildfire. Time to put an end to the rumours and ease your dilemmas.

    Read on to find some breastfeeding facts, demystified!



    You don’t need to watch the exact quantity of the food you eat while you are breastfeeding, as long as it is nutritious! Doctors recommend that you consume an excess of 500 calories over your everyday diet to support breast milk production.



    Most babies don’t actually bite while sucking. This means you don’t really have to worry about being bitten. Since you’re breastfeeding your baby often, however, you can expect to be sore once in a while.



    How much breast milk your body produces actually varies according to your baby’s nutritional needs. In some ways, ‘baby juice’ increases and decreases not at your command, but depending on the baby! 



    Here’s a super cool factoid! The breast milk you produce at night contains more oxytocin and other relaxing hormones. It lets your baby feel more relaxed and fall asleep sooner than they otherwise would during the day.



    Breastfeeding is a process that helps not just your baby, but you too, Mama! You are less likely to suffer from postpartum depression if you make a proactive choice to engage in positive, expert-guided breastfeeding procedures.



    Sometimes your menstrual cycle can be delayed in the initial months after pregnancy. This can get super confusing for new mommies! It’s because prolactin (stimulated by suckling) can inhibit your cycle. This doesn’t mean that you cannot get pregnant while you are not on your period, and your best bet is to consult with your gynac!



    The first clear milk discharge after your baby is born is called colostrum (the name can be slightly mouthful), but it is extremely beneficial to your newborn. The consistency and chemistry of breast milk, from that point on, are ever-changing. There’s no rule about it looking a certain way, simply because every mother, her body, her baby and her baby’s needs are all unique.


    Some mothers worry that their babies may not learn how to breastfeed. Here’s a myth we definitely want to debunk! Due to a natural sucking and rooting reflex in newborns, they learn how to latch on and suckle all on their own!


    This is one of the things that makes a woman’s body so wonderful – it has all the potential to sustain a life! Your breast milk contains beneficial probiotics that help the baby’s gut and immune system. If you feel the need to consume probiotic beverages to help you along, you can always do so.


    It’s not just you, but your breasts and baby are also communicating! Well not in words, but breastfeeding allows you to communicate on a more intimate level with your baby. This occurs through hormones, pheromones, and body language that even science has yet to fully comprehend.

    We hope that we got some questions answered about breastfeeding along the way. Explore this intimate aspect of motherhood as you celebrate your relationship with your little one. Don’t forget to check out some Nursing Bras and Maternity wear from Zivame to come along with you on this journey!

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