UncategorizedSelf-Care Routines Everyone Takes For Granted!

Do you ever forget to take care of yourself? Been there, done that. In this crazy, high-speed world it seems like a no-brainer to ignore self-care. But there are quite a few small steps you could take to look after yourself; none too tedious!

Pamper your Skin!

Apart from the customary face wash twice every day, follow a few easy routines to ensure you have soft and clear skin, always!

  • Use a toner every night. Right after you wash your face, take a cotton ball, dab it with a trusted, alcohol-free toner and sweep it across your face. All the dead skin just vanishes and your skin will stay hydrated all through the night!
  • Moisturize twice a day. Or more if you feel like it! Yes, even with oily skin. It’s super important for your skin to stay soft and supple. Preferably, use one with SPF for added protection against the sun.
  • Use a scrub twice a week and multaani mitti or neem face pack once a week for some extra care.
  • Sheet masks are all the rage for a reason. They make your skin ultra hydrated and give you a dewy, fresh glow. Get in some ‘me’ time on a weekend with a sheet mask, a warm bath and some body polish action, and you’ll really thank yourself!
  • Oh, and always clean off your make-up before you sleep!

For your beautiful Hair!

Now hair is something we women take extra pride in! And for that pride to kick-in, there’s some serious amount of work that needs to go in:

  • Always shampoo your hair with a sulphate free shampoo; that is absolutely essential! Sulphates strip your hair of moisture, leaving your hair dry. You can set your own frequency for washing according to your hair type but the ideal is every 3-4 days.
  • Use conditioner right after it to keep your hair soft and smooth and untangled. Try one with infused essential oils like coconut or jojoba for the extra care!
  • If you have wavy or curly hair, give your hair an oil massage with coconut oil, olive oil, or pumpkin seed oil an hour before you wash your hair, or just leave it in overnight. This will nourish and condition your hair from within, leaving it softer and shinier.
  • Make a DIY hair pack and apply it every two weeks! We recommend an avocado, apple cider, banana, egg and olive oil mask. A little strange but does wonders for damaged hair!
  • Lastly, make sure you use a heat protectant or serum before styling!

Mind and Soul Care!

Rejuvenation ain’t possible if you’re stressed out, bro! You need to be relaxed for wellness. This doesn’t necessarily mean meditating like a yogi or something. Just set aside an hour every day to do things you truly enjoy. 

Read that fantasy novel or hit the floor dancing or paint your thumb green in the garden or maybe just take your dog to the park and play fetch!

In essence, goof around a bit!

Team Zivame