UncategorizedTravel Backpack Checklist: The 5 Essential Items We All Forget

Vacay mode: ON! Zivame bikinis, fancy bralettes, ravishing outfits – ah the joy is palpable! We’re sure you’re ready with all the fancy fits that will go in your travel case. But do you know what goes in your travel backpack? No, the answer is not anything spare that’s left behind! 

Packing your backpack needs to be much more intentional than that. This is a list of essentials that you MUST pack in your backpack that are often forgotten. Read on before you start adding things to your cart!


Trust us, this is a great idea. If you are someone who goes over worst-case scenarios in their head multiple times, you’d agree too. Say the airline misplaces your luggage or – God forbid – mother nature decides to surprise you? So, listen to your hyper-anxious self for just this once and have a few clean pairs of undies in your backpack. It’s the same reassuring feeling as having your mom pack your lunch.

Travel Backpack essentials

Shackets and Shrugs

Unless we’re jetting off to an especially chilly climate, we don’t really care for a jacket on hand. That’s until we’re caught under the full blast of AC or a sudden weather turn. We’re all for Bollywood movies and fairy-tale romances but honey, just let this one trope rest. Carry your own shacket or shrug. A shacket is basically a shirt but thicker. It’s a comfier and much more practical plan than expecting a fictional, gallant young man to offer his (Yes, we are sighing too.)

Travel Backpack Essentials

Roll-on deodorants

They are compact, slightly better for the environment & keep you smelling fresh no matter where you are. Long travel hours, especially in this sweltering season, is a fishy affair and your armpits need to be en garde. Instead of carrying long, bulky aerosol spray bottles, just pop in one of the roll-on types. This way you are saving space with a cleaner moral conscience AND armed against the odour – er- smell.

Travel Backpack Essentials


We know it’s a given. But it’s the one item we cannot stress enough on. So, here’s your reminder to check “sunscreen” off your packing list first! Now, when you do choose one, make sure it’s not something you just pick on a whim. Pick a good sunscreen with an SPF of 40, no less. If you are going for a dip – or two, check the ingredient list for zinc oxide. Chemical ingredients like oxybenzone harm the reproduction and growth of coral reefs. We mean, when we are doing it, might as well do it right.

Travel Backpack Essentials

Intimate care

A vital item in your summer packing list should be intimate care. Intimate wash, wipes or seat sanitisers. Peeing in public WCs is a nightmare and we’d suggest you have at least one of these three in your travel backpack to avoid painful UTIs. Even for a quick refresh when travelling, these wipes and washes are a blessing. Just make sure to choose one that’s of an appropriate PH level.

Travel Backpack Essentials

There now, you’re ready to jet, set, go! Start planning your dream vacation, shop your essentials at Zivame, and leave your troubles behind in a cloud of bliss!

Ananya Endow