All About FitTrue Curv T-Shirt Bra: Everything You Need To Know!

True Curv T-Shirt Bra: Everything You Need To Know!

Heading out with your girls to grab a quick bite or going to the movies? You’re definitely going to be in the mood for comfort, and nothing but. Our True Curv T-Shirt Bras are meant for your everyday styles without the hassle of feeling constricted. 

What is a Curvy T-shirt Bra?

They’re designed with breathable and easy fabric that feels comfortable on your skin making them ideal to wear round the clock. These wonders are designed for curvy sizes and deliver 4-way support with comfortable, non-stretch cut and sew cups to leave you feeling constantly uplifted. You get to choose full-figure support in sizes 32DD to 44FF, without worrying about things like spillage.

Who should use a Curvy T-shirt Bra?

The True Curv range was designed keeping in mind a broad body frame with big bust sizes, along with lean body types with larger busts. They’re also designed for saggy breast profiles.

What are some of its benefits?

The T-shirt Bra offers good 3/4th coverage and support, while also preventing neck and armhole spillage. The extra-wide straps prevent any shoulder sores, making them ideal to wear all day long. 

Our T-shirt bras are supportive, lightweight, and designed to match all of your fav outfits.

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