All About FitDon’t Feel Droopy with the True Curv Sag Lift

Don’t Feel Droopy with the True Curv Sag Lift

From Zivame’s exclusive True Curv Range comes the Sag Lift Bra that understands your body and is crafted from fabrics that naturally give them shape. With an exquisite palette of versatile colours and styles to choose from, you can pair them right with all your outfits. 

Let’s start by answering one of the most asked questions- Who is True Curv for?

The True Curv range is designed keeping in mind :

  1. Broad body frames with smaller bust sizes
  2. Broad body frames with fuller bust sizes
  3. Lean body frames with fuller bust sizes
  4. Saggy breast profiles.

Let’s take a closer look at the Sag Lift Bra. You know that a little lift is always appreciated, especially in your brassiere, and these bras give you just that. We’re assuming you have questions! Don’t fret because we’re here to help answer some basic queries!

1. Who should use it?

Anyone who feels like their breasts need a lift can use this bra! While they are designed for more wholesome body types, the sag lift bras do their bit to extend extra support and keep you feeling uplifted!

2. What are its main benefits?

They are made with non-stretch cups that provide optimal support and side shapers for a more defined shape. They also have sturdy shaping slings for that perky lift, strong supportive wings for a better back lift, and more!

3. What fabrics and styles does it come in?

You can choose from cotton, polyester, or lace fabrics depending on your personal preference!

Uplift your mood as you uplift your wardrobe with the Sag Lift Bras in sizes ranging from 32DD all the way up to 44FF!

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