UncategorizedUnderstanding The Difference Between a Tank Top and a Camisole

Camisoles and Tank Tops might look similar but in terms of functionality, serve completely different purposes. If you’ve ever been confused between a camisole and a tank top, here’s a guide to help you get acquainted with the characteristics of each and how they differ from each other.

Features of a Tank Top

  • Tanks tops are sleeveless and often worn as a tight-fitted topwear. In some cases, the fit varies depending on its pattern and style.
  • Tank Tops feature different strap styles which are usually broad in type.
  • Most women prefer wearing Tank Tops with pyjamas during the summers owing to their comfort. However, Tank Tops are also commonly worn as activewear along with gym shorts and leggings.    
  • They are usually made out of cotton and polyester, or a blend of both.

Features of a Camisole

  • A Camisole is a sleeveless topwear with spaghetti straps and are usually worn as an undergarment.
  • Camisoles come in a variety of fabrics like lace, satin and velvet, which further add to their versatility. 
  • They work well when worn under a shirt, jacket or cardigan. So, unlike Tank Tops, Camisoles are usually worn as a layering underneath a shirt. 
  • Camisoles can also be worn on various other occasions. For instance, you can pair them with sheer tops, low-cut blouses, and ethnic kurtas and tunics. Some women also prefer wearing them with denim, pants and shorts along with a casual blazer or a shrug on top.  In a nutshell, you can style them in different ways, depending on your personal preference.

Now that you are familiar with the features of both of these wardrobe staples, it would be easier for you to pair them with the right outfit. Explore a range of cute Tank Tops and comfy Camisoles only on Zivame.

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