UncategorizedTop 5 Fitness Myths Busted

Everyone around us thinks they’re experts when it comes to fitness. We’re sure you’ve been advised by scores of people about how you should exercise. You’ll have heard “facts” so many times now that they just seem true. Here are a few truths about those myths – 

Stretching helps your body recover faster:

Stretching is something many people just do because they feel they should or because someone told them to, but the truth is it can have adverse effects. The conventional wisdom is that stretching elongates the muscle and helps prevent injury. 

Conversely, stretching before a workout will weaken the muscle by 30%, and the reduced tension may increase the risk of injury. So do warm up by walking before cardio or doing light weights before intense training, but stretch after a workout. Use our Zelocity leggings for maximum flexibility!

You’ll burn more fat on an empty stomach:

This statement might seem technically true considering your nutrient-deprived morning body will tap into fat stores. But, working out on an empty stomach burns more muscle, which defeats the purpose of any fat-loss diet. 

Also, working out in a fasting state is sub-optimal as the lack of energy does not allow peak performance.

The more you sweat, the more you burn:

Exceptionally drenched after your regular afternoon run? That doesn’t mean you necessarily torched any more calories than usual. Sorry to be a buzzkill, but sweat is just a cooling mechanism your body opts for when you get too hot! It has nothing to do with slimming down; in fact, it can be downright uncomfortable if your wet clothes stick to your body while working out. 

So, try out our activewear leggings and gym shirts made of quick-dry technology and stay nice and dry even during the most gruesome exercises!

The more water you drink when you’re exercising, the better:

While it’s true that our need for fluids increases markedly during exercise, it isn’t necessary to glug down gallons of water to stay hydrated. In fact, the ‘glug’ approach is counter-productive as the body can only deal with so much fluid at once; and, if you pour in too much, you’ll simply pee it right out again!

Plus, have you ever downed a bottle of water and gone for a jog? It feels like your stomach has been replaced with a washing machine. Water is supposed to replace the fluids lost in exercise, so consuming it in excess will just be pointless or even damaging.

Running is bad for your knees:

Running has long had a bad rep for wrecking knees, but don’t listen to the naysayers. Provided you train sensibly, wear the right kind of running shoes, and do essential things like warming up, heeding niggling pains, and running on a variety of surfaces, running is actually quite good for them knees. 

So get out, literally! Put on your favourite leggings, sports bra and a light workout jacket, lace up those shoes and head out the door.

Team Zivame