UncategorizedWhat are Joggers? All You Need to Know!

Smart Activewear has taken the fashion world by a storm in the past few years. After all, it is functional and stylish, and honestly who wouldn’t want that look? Joggers are one of those activewear pieces that have both women and men raving equally. You may have heard about them, seen others sporting them but not entirely convinced if they are for you. We are here to tell you that Joggers are for everyone!

Let’s start by telling you what exactly Joggers are and why they are a must-have in your wardrobe. When you hear of Joggers, what do you think of? Jogging, right? Well, you are absolutely right! That’s what Joggers were traditionally meant for- exercising, running, jogging and working out. Basically, Joggers are a hipper version of sweatpants!

Here’s what Joggers look like: pants with an adjustable waistband, loose at the hips and legs with cuffed ankles. The overall relaxed fit makes Joggers an excellent option for working out, dancing and lounging.

Joggers are so street-chic and comfortable, that their design has been adopted for more than just exercise. They are now made in denim, linen, chinos – in various colours and designs. They are also hugely popular with celebs and fashion trendsetters alike.

Let’s check out some of the Joggers that are currently in trend:

High-waisted Joggers:

As the name suggests, these Joggers are high-waisted, come with an adjustable waistband and taper at the ankle. They give you a flattering silhouette but still look casual and cool.

For an everyday look, pair these high-waisted Joggers with a sports bra, a cool jacket and sneakers. For a sexy night out, pair them with a full sleeved crop-top and heels.

Tapered Joggers:

Not all Joggers are meant to be loose and baggy below the waist. Some are form-fitting and taper at your ankles. Check out these Zivame Skin Fit Joggers that combine the best features of Leggings and Joggers. They are fitted, come with an adjustable waistband and are comfortable for activities like dancing, yoga and general workouts. They can be worn with fitted tees, cut-off tops and even kimono-style tees.

Hip-Hop Joggers:

These Joggers are extremely baggy below the waist (giving them almost a skirt-like appearance) and taper at the ankles. They are uber-cool, stylish and comfortable. Pair them with a crop-top/ fitted tank-top/ crop-sweatshirt and chunky sneakers for that unmissable look. These are great for a casual hang, dancing, and Zumba. 

Joggers reserve a special place in pop-culture and have redefined fashion to be cool and comfortable. They are so versatile that you can easily take a gym look to an evening out with the right accessories. So, ladies what are you waiting for? Head to Zivame and bring home your favourite Joggers today!

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