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    You may have noticed your social media handles flooded with beautiful wedding pictures of friends and acquaintances. Yes, the 2020 Wedding Season has officially begun! Beautiful locations, impeccable décor, incredible ensembles- weddings nowadays are dreamy and picture-perfect.

    If you are a bride ready to take the plunge, we are sure you have taken care of every little detail. However, there is one very important element you may have forgotten to add to your wedding prep- Lingerie shopping! Yes, we are here to tell you about all the ‘must-haves’ you need in your wardrobe to start your perfect wedded bliss:

    T-shirt Bras:

    A T-shirt Bra may seem like a misfit in a bridal ‘must-have’, but is it? Bridal wear is not all glitz and lace. In fact, a good fitting T-shirt Bra can make any outfit (bridal or causal) look va-va-voom! Take for example this glitter strap T-shirt Bra that is perfect for pairing with any ‘desi’ outfit- the fit is amazing and it adds just a little touch of glamour to spice up your look. 

    How about the endless shopping trips and wedding planning appointments you have to go to before the wedding? This T-shirt Bra is perfect for all the running around while keeping you taut and supported all day long. 

    For the Big Day, go for this beautifully crafted red T-shirt Bra to match your wedding ensemble. It is comfortable and every bit glamorous as your wedding outfit! If you are going for a pastel aesthetic, choose this gorgeous T-shirt Bra inspired by the beautiful and dreamy Tuscan landscape. It fits right and looks incredible!

    Are you worried that your old wired T-shirt Bra will ruin your Sangeet by constantly poking you?  You need Zivame’s WonderWire Bra in your collection, girl! This revolutionary metal-free, flexi-wire T-Shirt Bra will give you an amazing shape without the discomfort. So, you can enjoy your wedding parties looking fly and feeling good!

    If you are stressing over post-wedding get-togethers with the new extended family, don’t worry! Just slip into this comfy T-shirt Bra to all those Dos and enjoy the non-stop celebrations! Trust us, you will miss them later!

    How about this Moroccan inspired lace T-shirt Bra for your honeymoon and upcoming vacations? It is perfect for lounging by the sea-side in a sexy kaftan.

    You can also pair this beautifully crafted lace Bralette with a sarong and a wide-brimmed hat for an afternoon by the pool.

    Fashion Bras:

    If you are planning to wear a jaw-dropping ball gown at your reception, you need to have this amazing Strapless Bra to support you. It fits like a dream and is designed to stay put in one place- no slipping, no sliding and absolutely no awkward adjusting while you celebrate!

    A daring backless choli for your engagement party needs an equally bold Backless Bra that gives you a snug fit and stays out of sight – we have just the one for you! Just get your pretty hands on it and thank us later!

    Miracle Bra:

    Loathe Bras but have to wear one? Zivame’s Miracle Bra is the answer to your prayers! Just slip into one and you will never know if you are wearing a Bra in the first place! It is totally seamless and offers a magical, comfortable fit. You can party all night at your Bachelorette and then can sleep in it too! That, my dear girls, is a true miracle! 

    While we are still on the topic of Bachelorette, you can pair this incredible Bralette with a short skirt and heels (throw in a crown and bride-to-be sash) for an unforgettable night out with your friends! 

    Sleepwear Essentials:

    Every soon-to-be bride needs an enviable Sleepwear collection that is a bit naughty, a bit nice but always comfortable. You are in luck! We have the perfect options for you! Check out this chic satin Nightdress for the days you are feeling sexy, this comfortable Pyjama set for snug good night’s sleep and this adorable Capri set for the days you are feeling homesick- the cute prints are sure to remind you of your childhood home!

    Brides, start your wedding shopping with the essentials! A good Lingerie & Sleepwear collection will ensure you look good at every occasion (on your wedding and beyond) and remain comfortable inside and out! Head to Zivame and bring home your favourites today!   

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