UncategorizedWhat is the Difference Between Push Up Bra and Padded Bra?


You must be familiar with the two very popular lingerie styles for women – Push-up Bras and Padded Bras. But the question is, how well are you acquainted with the key characteristics that differentiates a Push Up Bra from a Padded Bra? If you haven’t been sure of it so far, you have landed up at the right place. It is time to get all your queries answered! 

In a nutshell, the difference between a Push Up and a Padded Bra lies in the level of thickness. It can actually differ by less than an inch. While Padded Bras assure you of no nipple show, Push-Up Bras are known for creating a bold and dramatic cleavage under your outfit. Here are a few more differences that you should keep in mind.

Difference Between Push-Up Bra and Padded Bra

Let’s talk about Push Up Bras first! Push-Up Bras are designed to add a dash of sensuality to your personality. It plays a major role in enhancing the silhouette of your outfit, and gives you extra confidence to flaunt those killer curves! A Push Up Bra usually has a layer of cushioning on the sides which pulls your breasts closer to each other, thereby providing a voluminous look. It also gives you a gentle lift, comfortable support and desirable coverage. 

So, what about Padded Bras? Padded Bras can be worn blissfully with almost any outfit of your choice. They provide your bust line with a more rounded appearance. The moulded and seamless cups of a Padded Bra will always ensure a smooth, wrinkle-free look underneath your tops, shirts, dresses or kurtis. Apart from that, Padded Bras will also add a definition to your overall look, depending on the level of light, medium or heavy padding that you opt for.

Now, which one do you really need?

Padded Bras have been a first preference for women who have slightly uneven breast sizes. As a matter of fact, no matter what shape or size you are, you can put your faith in a pair of Padded Bra and achieve a smooth and seamless look effortlessly. On the contrary, if you are looking to instantly add one or two cup sizes to your bust, a Push Up Bra should be your ideal choice.

Pros and Cons of Padded Bras


  • It gives a modest shape to your bust
  • It offers good coverage
  • It helps you achieve no-nipple show


  • It isn’t well suited for women with larger breast sizes
  • It conceals the natural shape of your breasts

Pros and Cons of Push Up Bras


  • It provides a firm shape to your breasts
  • It helps you flaunt bold necklines with a dramatic cleavage
  • It avoids unwanted nipple-show
  • It gives you a perfect lift and a voluminous look


  • It might not give a snug fit if you do not get the right size. This is because the foam enhancer that pushes your breasts towards the middle takes up extra room to fit inside your bra. A smaller size can lead to breast spillage.

Still thinking about which bra to wear? Worry not, ladies! Determine your need depending on the aforementioned differences between Push Up Bra and Padded Bra, and head to Zivame to explore some of the perkiest bra styles. 

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