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The beautiful weather these days practically begs us to take a holiday – maybe a solo-trek in the nearby hill station or a road trip with your buddies! We know you’ll probably schedule a tightly-packed trip on the weekend and so you won’t have a lot of time to prepare. Everyone packs clothes properly, but there are a few small things that are left behind. Here’s an easy must-have checklist so you’re not left wanting for anything.

Lightweight Hoodie:

This is generally the most ignored but pretty much the most indispensable. Make sure you pack this so you’re covered up against a chilly early-morning breeze or unexpected showers.

Power Bank:

Your phone becomes a messiah when you’re travelling. From maps, to booking tickets to well, clicking selfies! But it’s going to run out of juice real soon coz you keep whipping it out. Re-energize it with a trusty power bank, anywhere you are!

Wet Wipes:

When you’re trekking or spending long hours in a bus or car, it’s quite prudent to keep a few wipes handy coz you never know when you’ll get water. Sweaty? Wipe it out! Did you spill something? Wipe it out!


The wind and dust and neglect can easily make your skin dry out. A small bottle of lotion will keep you covered!


Keep germs in check even when you’re in remote places without a hand-wash in sight!

Two Extra Changes of Underwear:

Now, this is a total mom thing to say, but you never know when you’ll need it! We cannot emphasize enough on this: carry at least two extra pairs of underwear! Better safe than sorry, right?

Basic Med-kit:

Just so you stay fit-as-a-fiddle and toss out any illnesses that threaten you, pop a few essential pills and capsules (for fever, loosies, constipation, nausea, headache, cramps) in a small med-bag. Don’t forget to throw in a handful of band-aids, cotton, and some antiseptic as well.

Thermo Flask:

A trusty water bottle you can sling onto your backpack is absolutely needed. A thermos flask is even better so you can store warm/cold drinks as per your needs.

Travel Toothbrush Kit:

After brushing your teeth, shoving the wet toothbrush inside the kit feels yucky, right? Get a toothbrush travel holder which can neatly hold both, your brush and paste, compactly.

Hunger Saviours:

Often times, travelling means you won’t get the chance to stop somewhere for a quick bite/sip. It’s always great to carry foods that pack a punch in small packaging. Think: Snickers bars, glucose tetra packs, nuts.

There you go! Be sure to pack all these and sprint into the vacay air.


Team Zivame