UncategorizedCan Underwire Bras Cause Breast Pain?

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We know most of you are silently rooting for the underwire bra, and why not? They provide great support and shaping to the bust while also offering a gentle lift. The truth is, in the right size and the right fit, an underwire bra is one of the most comfortable styles to wear! Yes ladies, we hear you cheering!

But, we don’t want to keep secrets from you! While an underwire bra in the right size is a great investment, it can also be cause for discomfort if you’ve been wearing the wrong fit for too long!

So, if you often find yourself complaining about a painful underwire , we know exactly why – and we’re here to help!

First thing to check: Is your cup size too small?

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An underwired cup should encapsulate the breast, with the wire sitting just under the bust. If the bottom of the cup sits on the breast tissue, there’s bound to be uncomfortable digging into the flesh, causing the wires to pinch and poke.

Next, is your band too tight?

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You may be wearing the right cup size, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got on the right bra. The bra band plays just as important a role. A tight band doesn’t offer the right support to the bra cup, making the underwires over-splay to hold the weight of the breast. And yes, this can cause breast pain.

So ladies, next time you check your size – make sure to give equal importance to cup and band! All you need is Zivame’s Fit Code!

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Breast pain could also mean that your bra is way past its expiry date!

‘Cos ladies, if your lingerie is more than 6 months old, there’s bound to be some wear ‘n tear. By wear ‘n tear we mean underwires popping out of their casing or getting bent and broken. So, if you notice signs of it breaking free, you know what to do – discard that old bra and get a new one!

And fret not, we’ve got the sexiest underwire styles for you to choose from!


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