UncategorizedWhat your Pimples are telling you

Ugh, don’t you just hate it when you go to bed all clear-skinned and happy but wake up with pimples? But they do have their own story to tell – about what’s going on in your body. Of course, some cases may need a dermatologist if they get nasty. But generally, if you find yourself with repeated breakouts, here’s probably what they’re saying –

You’re getting your period

It’s like your own personal show-and-tell body calendar. All the hormonal upheavals result in the characteristic bumps on your face. We feel you, but sadly, there’s nothing you can do about it (except for maybe call an emergency meeting with the girls and have a PJ party?)

You’re using the wrong products

Did you just change your face wash or try out a new scrub? The ingredients probably don’t agree with your skin then. Sometimes even a change in the shampoo you use can cause pimples on your forehead. Shift to a face wash with lemon and neem in it to ease them out.

Your diet is all wrong

In other words, you’ve been consuming way too much oily or acidic food. Swap the pizza with some wholewheat and greens and your skin will thank you appropriately.

You’re walking around in a polluted environment

Dust and germs are as much a bane for the health of your skin as they are for you. Make sure you wash your face often and avoid touching your face with dirty hands.

You’ve got to chill out

If it’s none of the above then chances are you’ve either just hit puberty or you’re super stressed out about something. In both cases, all you can do is relax and wait it out! We’ve all been there, so there’s no need to panic.

But all in all, there’s no need to freak out for our reddish-pink f(r)iends will fade out in some time!

Team Zivame