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    Uncategorized11 Things You Don’t Need In Your Wardrobe

    11 Things You Don’t Need In Your Wardrobe

    Do you have trouble picking out an outfit from your closet? Is your first reaction on opening the wardrobe, ‘I need to go shopping, I have nothing to wear’? Then the problem is not that you have nothing, but rather, too much of the wrong stuff!

    Well ladies, it’s high time you de-clutter your wardrobe and we’re here to help! So, roll up those sleeves, tie up your hair, and get rid of these 11 things you absolutely do not need!


    The Only-Worn-Once Party Gown

    Yes, it was gorgeous, love at first sight and you splurged! But it never quite fit right and you only wore it that one time! Need we say more? It’s time to say goodbye!
    Here’s a tip though: next time, opt for a pretty maxi dress that you can spruce up to look party-ready or dress down for a casual evening!


    The Overused-Ill-Fitting Bra

    Underwires poking? Back bands riding up? Straps slipping off? Yes, you’re facing all the signs of an ill-fitted bra! But why tolerate uncomfortable lingerie? So, get yourself fitted and buy some new bra styles!


    The It-Was-A-Gift Top

    You may have loved it when you got it and it might have been your favourite, but that was years ago and the trend is long gone! If it’s occupying limited real-estate in your wardrobe – it’s time to let it go! How about gifting yourself this time? Choose a trendy top – from off shoulders to peplums, we’ve got them all!


    The Stashed-At-The-Back Swimsuit

    There’s a reason that oldie is stashed at the back – maybe it doesn’t fit, it isn’t stylish anymore or it’s been ages since you went for a dip! From two-piece bikini sets to one-piece monokinis, there are new styles riding the waves! So, dig out that decade old swimsuit from the back of your closet, ‘cos a new one’s coming soon!


    The Saved-For-Later Dress

    We try to resist, but it’s not easy saying no to THE perfect dress, even if it’s not in our size! So, we buy it and save it to be worn at a later time! But ladies, why stock up on something that may or may not fit you even after 6 months of trying? C’mon replace the ‘could-be’ with a classic must-have dress that’s the perfect fit for you!


    The Yesteryear-Trendy Skirt

    If there’s one style that accompanies every season’s moody fads – it’s skirts! Midi or maxi, pleated or sequined, they’re in and out of style in a snap! So, if you still have last year’s trends lingering in your closet, give ‘em away, and stock up on something new!


    The To-Be-Altered Pants

    How many pants do you have in that ever-growing ‘fix-it’ pile? Some that need a little pinching at the waist, some that need to be cuffed at the hem! Let’s be honest ladies, if you were going to alter them – it would be done by now! So, there’s only one thing left to do – pick up the entire pile and donate it!


    The Damaged-Beyond-Repair Pantyhose

    The only reason to keep a hole-y, torn, shredded and stretched out pantyhose is that you’ve been too lazy to go and buy a new one! Go on, throw it away and get another right here.


    The Painfully-Sexy Stilettos

    Some things are meant to be admired from a distance – super high stilettos are one of them! You put ‘em on, thinking you can survive the night in high heels and then end up asking yourself ‘who was I kidding?’. Do yourself a favour and put ‘em out of your closet. Your feet will thank you.


    The Hard-To-Discard Nightwear

    Have your old babydolls and teddies lost their sexy appeal? Want to discard them but don’t know how? We know you’d rather not put them in the trash, and yet they can’t go in that ‘give-away’ pile! Don’t over think it! If they’ve got to go – just toss ‘em and get yourself a new set!


    The Loaded-With-Memories Clothes

    You know what we’re talking about – old concert tees, school time hoodies and other such things that hold happy memories! Now, if you still wear them, by all means, keep them! But if their function is purely ornamental, it’s time to say goodbye!

    Feel like you just had to empty half your closet? Don’t worry; we bring you the latest styles to stock up on!


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