UncategorizedWhy Are Underwire Bras So Uncomfortable?

Zivame proves underwire bras aren't uncomfortable

They’re not! If your underwire bra is uncomfortable, it probably means you aren’t wearing the right one.

Unfortunately, most women are convinced that they can never feel at ease in underwire bras. The good news is – they’re wrong! If your underwire bras aren’t treating you right, there’s a perfectly good reason – one that can be easily resolved!

We’re here to reveal the naked truth!

underwire bras dig into flesh only when the cups are too small
Unhappy Lady: Why do the wires dig into my flesh and hurt me so?
Underwire Bra: Trust me, the wire’s not at fault. If you feel poking and pinching, it’s probably ‘cos the cup size is too small.

If your underwire bras are digging into your chest and you’re spilling over the cups, it’s time to get your size correctly measured! Wearing the wrong bra size is probably the reason behind your discomfort. Make sure the underwire sits completely below your breast (not halfway over it) and the cup encapsulates it completely. So, don’t give up on underwires yet – just measure yourself again!

Wires popping out of underwire bras due to lack of care

Unhappy Lady: Are you saying you’re also not at fault for the wire’s popping out?
Underwire Bra: Hey! I may be getting old, but there’s no reason to be so blunt about it!

Be kind to your underwire bras – after all, they’re only trying to support you! But don’t forget, every bra has an expiry date, and maybe your underwire bra is way past it! If you want to increase your bra’s shelf life and prevent wires from popping out, here’s a tip – don’t wash them in the machine! Give your bras the care they deserve and they’ll support you for as long as they can! Remember, a bra can last you for up to 6 months; but then it’s time to say goodbye, no matter how much you hate to.

high coverage underwire bras poke in the armpit

Unhappy Lady: But why does the underwire poke me near the armpit?
Underwire Bra: I’ll have a talk with them, but it seems you may be in need of a different bra style.

Want to know an inside secret? Underwires come in different lengths! If you feel them poking into your armpit, opt for a bra with shorter underwires that don’t extend till the top of the cup! It’s possible that full-coverage styles don’t work for you and you need something that cuts much below the underarm. Think low-medium coverage bras or demi-cup bras and balconette styles! Even better, take the Zivame Fit Code to find which style works right for your specific breast profile!

prevent rashes from underwire bras

Unhappy Lady: What about the skin rashes on the underside of my bust?
Underwire Bra: Well, I do apologise but I think you might be hooking me on too tight!

This one has a pretty easy fix! The primary reason for skin rashes could be that you’ve hooked on the bra too tight. So, loosen up on the hooks and give your breasts some breathing room. After all you can’t wear the same bra all day long – choose different bras for work, and the evenings at home!

There are times (rare), when no matter how good the fit or quality, your underwire bra tends to hurt. But that could be ‘cos you’ve been wearing it for too long! After all, no matter how much you love those high heels, you can’t go more than 5-6 hours in them! Same case here!

Still feel like your underwire bras are against you? Try out these styles – you’ll change your mind!

Team Zivame