Uncategorized3 Lingerie Collections That Are Like Shots Of Serotonin!

Oh to be young and in love…with lingerie! How do you describe that poetic feeling when you try your new lingerie, for the first time? The lace skimming across your skin, the fit hugging you snugly, the soft shape elevating your profile…and then you notice your reflection in the mirror? It’s a sure-fire dopamine burst! Sister, we understand and we’ve got your back. This week we’re writing about tantalising shots of serotonin, in the form of lingerie collections! Read on for our top 3 picks.


Gosh, summer’s engulfed us no holds barred! But, here’s the perfect lingerie collection to ride it out – even enjoy it – in. This floral masterpiece is all high-shine galloon lace and gorgeous flower prints, blown out on a canvas of ravishing reds and emerald greens. In a variety of styles and cuts, prepare to be Bloom-struck with this one. We’re letting out soft sighs just imagining it all! The vibrant, rich hues offset with shimmery straps have GOT to be in your go-to summer lingerie wardrobe. We mean, what else would you pick for picnics in the park with beau?


This one’s for all the romantics out there, in love with everything feminine and lacy. Like a love song, serenade yourself with this ultra-romantic collection. The vibe you are in for with this one? Oh, it’s all about warmth, love and full of confidence, in pops of bright colours. The intricate, floral lace-laden backs and scalloped edges of this flirty, flamboyant collection are sure to set your heart aflutter! We’re going crazy at just the thought of all the bodacious babydolls waiting!


For the love of lace and wildflowers, this collection is a God – well Zivame – sent! Summer romance is a thing and no other lingerie cuts quite as close as this one does. Rest assured, the floral lace in juicy, royal purple and rogue red is sure to automatically give you all the fuzzy feelings. Did you think that’s all? Wait till you get ensnared by its tonal contrast cups evoking a wild yet stylish summer vibe! Time to bask in the season’s glow, sporting this decadent piece, we’d say.

By now, we are sure you are floating in a sea of serotonin, lost in the magical world of lingerie collections from Zivame. Here’s the best part – unlike other serotonin-boosting magical worlds, this one actually exists and you can dive into it for real! So, go on, surf to your heart’s content!

Ananya Endow