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5 Things To Instantly Make You Feel Good About Yourself!

When some days are gloomier than others, it’s always important to take a moment to breathe. Allow yourself a day or two to indulge in the things that truly make you feel good about yourself. They don’t always have to be large gestures of self-love. Taking baby steps to uplift and manage your mood is important too!

Here’s how you can hack your hormones to instantly be happy and feel good about yourself!

1. Gratitude jar

Counting your blessings is a great way to truly value the positives in life. If maintaining a daily journal is too much of a commitment, you can start with a more simple step to remind you that while some days may individually be tougher than the others, there are lots of silver linings to value as well. Simply drop in notes to yourself with dates and highlight the things that made you happy. They work as great rainy-day reminders that promise to cheer you up.

2. Sip, Sip, Hurray!

A yummy beverage can do wonders for your mood, and all the more if it’s shared! Simple acts of service like brewing a chilled drink for you and your plus one – mum, SO, flatmate or friend, – can really cheer you up. Whether you want to whip up a cold coffee or experiment with some flavoured cocktails, you can definitely delight yourself and your company with a tasteful palette!

3. Furry Friends

Studies have shown that having an animal connection can keep mental health problems at bay; even delaying cognitive decline in older adults. Every time you play fetch with your dog or pet your cat, your brain releases feel-good chemicals! You could also volunteer at a local animal shelter to spend time with the animals which will invariably leave you feeling content.

4. Tune in to your zone

Listening to music is a mood changer for sure! How about combining this with a fun twist? With the internet – Twitter – in tow, you could write a letter to your favourite artist or band or even shoot them an email! This will help you feel connected with art, and who knows, you may even hear back from them!

5. Self-indulge

We’re constantly faulting ourselves and it’s time we took an active step toward pampering ourselves. Small acts of kindness towards yourself can include a care package where you make your own face mask or serum. Organic ingredients that are easily available in your kitchen are perfect for this! Take the time out to pay attention to your body and instantly boost your morale. You’ll also get a natural glow that will shine right through!

Remember to take care of your body and mind and spoil yourself with treats every time you need a mood-booster. Also, discover fun and snug intimatewear at Zivame for those days when you want to spoil yourself!

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