Uncategorized4 Athleisure Looks You Must Try!


The sexiest buzzword in fashion right now isn’t granny-chic or boyfriend jeans. It’s a mashup of athletic and leisure clothing called “athleisure.” An improvised term that is as perfectly descriptive as it sounds nonsensical. Athletic clothing is worn for leisure. That’s pretty much it.

The true beauty of athleisure, however, is that it’s both practical and completely fashionable. The relaxed and cool style blends sportswear with everyday casual to create styles that are chic and comfortable.


The Hangout Look :

Pair a sleek sports bra with distressed boyfriend jeans and sneakers and exude an ultimate chill vibe!


The Travel Look :

Wear a mesh legging or a funky legging from with a cropped sweatshirt for an uber cool and travel comfy outfit.


The Out-and-About Look :

Slip on a colourful, printed legging under a classic white shirt and a chunky necklace for a new-age look and go about your chores without a worry in the world.


The Rock Concert Look :

Try out a mesh sports bra with shorts and a leather jacket and dance your heart out to those rocking beats!


Shop for the latest trends and nail the Athleisure look this summer!


Team Zivame