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Amp up your style quotient with printed leggings from Zivame. They provide you with great comfort and functionality, making them a true modern-day essential, suitable for a range of activities. Available in a wide variety of prints including flirty florals, gorgeous dual tones, enchanting geometric patterns, and innovative abstract prints, the brand’s printed leggings collection has something to suit every fashion aesthetic. Zivame’s online printed legging collection will leave you spoilt for choice, thanks to its amazing range of leggings in different lengths - capri-leggings, midi-leggings, ankle-length leggings , knee-length, etc., which help you create different looks by pairing them with the right kind of tops. Depending on style/pattern, printed leggings in compression, high-waisted, ripped and flared variants offer you intricate detailing with stylish cuts. Designed with different activity levels in mind, printing leggings from Zivame’s eclectic collection give targeted support and the right amount of compression; they hold your muscles firmly in place as athleisure wear or parts of activewear. The seamless design provides all-day comfort without chafing or irritation. The high-quality stretchable and breathable moisture-wicking fabrics enable fluid body movements while keeping you cool and dry as well as enhancing the longevity of the garment. The anti-camel toe gusset at the crotch helps you be carefree and confident. So create your favorite ensemble by choosing your favorite printed leggings from our collection and be the trendsetter that you are born to be! less

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Buy Printed Leggings Online On Zivame

Buy Latest Printed Leggings for Women Online

Comfortable and flattering, printed leggings have become a women's wardrobe staple along with women joggers. Perfect for teaming up with cool casual tops and functional gym T-shirts, printed leggings for women can be your go-to outfit for your workout or dress-down days. For instance, you can pair it with a solid colour spaghetti top for a bold summer look or layer it with a button-down shirt for a casual chic look. Printed leggings can be a truly multi-purpose garment. They are stylish, practical, and suitable for a range of activities. Women of all body types can wear printed leggings without thinking much. Printed leggings can help you flaunt your curves by drawing attention to your hips.

These leggings are available in a wide variety of prints, from captivating abstract and geometric prints to cute floral and dual-tone prints. Zivame’s women’s printed leggings online collection brings to you amazing styles of printed leggings – ankle-length, mid-calf, capri-length, knee-length, and more. Designed with high-quality moisture-wicking fabric, Zivame’s printed leggings keep you cool and dry throughout the day. Plus, they prevent chafing of skin in between thighs or any kind of skin irritation. Hitting the gym? Choose a pair of breathable and lightweight Zivame’s printed leggings for women. In addition to breathability, they offer the right amount of compression and targeted support. Depending on your style, you can choose from printed gym leggings, printed cotton leggings, floral print leggings, and printed sports leggings to low-waisted, high-waisted, and ripped printed leggings. Besides printed leggings, Zivame offers Jockey sports bras and gym T-shirt. So what are you waiting for? Check out Zivame’s leggings collection to choose your favourite printed leggings.

How to Style and Pair Printed Leggings

  • Sports Bra - Co-ords are officially back in trend. Wearing printed leggings with a matching printed Jockey sports bra can be an essential gym wear for women. You can also pair printed leggings with a solid colour sports bra to create a cohesive look. Layering a neutral tone flannel shirt with printed leggings and sports bra can create a casual street style look.

  • Leggings -Printed leggings, when paired with your favourite T-shirt and sneakers, can become an everyday casual chic look. Layering it with a tunic and scarf can give you an indo-western look. For a professional and sophisticated style, you can team it up with a shirt and blazer.

  • Yoga Pants - Printed yoga pants like printed sports leggings are quite versatile. When styled with a tight top and jacket, you can achieve a day look. But if you aren’t into tight tops, pair your printed yoga pants with a gym T-shirts or yoga T-shirt.

  • Yoga Tops - Yoga tops go really well with printed leggings. For a casual day look, you can wear printed leggings with a solid colour yoga top. Pairing a matching printed yoga top and legging can create a fun athleisure look.

  • Tank Tops - Tank tops have always been in style. They go really well with any kind of bottoms. For a cool summer look, incorporate a bright colour from your printed leggings into your tank top. You can pair it with cool sneakers to complete the look.

  • Capris -Printed capris go well with one-tone tops and T-shirts. For a cool sporty look, style printed capris with a plain top or T-shirt, trainers, and a cap. You can also style printed capris with a contrast spaghetti and a jacket to create a street-style look.

Advantages of Printed Leggings

  • Easy Breathability - The secret to Zivame’s printed leggings is the material they’re made of. All printed leggings available at Zivame are designed using breathable fabric. This fabric is moisture-wicking and allows air to flow in and out freely.

  • Very Comfortable -Zivame’s ladies printed leggings are made from polyester and elastane blend two-way stretch fabric that offers mobility and maximum comfort. You can comfortably perform any exercise wearing them. The breathable feature of the fabric also prevents chafing of skin in between legs.

  • Forms -Printed leggings have varied through the years. Now they’re available in different flattering forms such as ankle-length, mid-calf-length, knee-length, and so on to flatter all body shapes and sizes. Their versatility makes them easy to style with every type of outfit.

  • Fitting -Printed leggings by Zivame are made of polyester elastane fabric that snugs the body perfectly without restricting mobility. The stretchable feature of the printed leggings makes it an ideal attire for working out.

  • Flexibility -Zivame’s women’s printed leggings offer great flexibility and ease of movement. The flexibility of these ladies' printed leggings allows you to perform a rigorous gym workout or any kind of activity with ease without having to worry about the fabric getting stretched or torn.

  • Gives Support -Printed leggings for women offer support to the pelvic area, knees, and waist. They hold the body parts in place while performing activities.

Tips on Choosing the Right Printed Leggings Online

  • Fabric -When it comes to choosing the right printed leggings, the fabric is the first thing that comes to our mind. Mainly printed leggings are designed using moisture-wicking and stretchable fabrics like cotton, polyester, and elastane. Although all-natural cotton absorbs sweat quickly, the polyester-elastane blend is the most preferred choice as it dries quicker than cotton and is stretchable. Wearing polyester-elastane blend printed leggings can make your yoga sessions and gym workouts more fun and comfortable.

  • Design -Another important thing to keep in mind when choosing printed leggings is the design. Printed leggings are available in a plethora of designs. Depending on your taste/preference, you can choose the best print that compliments your body and makes you feel beautiful and confident. Designs like cute flirty floral prints are a good pick for the summer months. You can pair floral printed leggings with any casual top or blouse to create a fun summery look. Likewise, you can choose an abstract or geometric printed legging for styling it with gym tops to create a sporty look.

  • Perfect Fit -Fit is another important aspect when it comes to buying printed leggings. Printed leggings are available in different types of fit, from printed sports leggings to printed gym leggings. Depending on your need, you can opt for the best printed legging fit. For gym workouts, printed gym leggings are the best choice. They’re made of polyester-elastane fabrics that can help you work out with ease.

  • Colour -Choosing the right colour printed legging is essential. The right colour can enhance your appearance. The colour of the printed legging plays an important role when it comes to styling the outfit with other garments.

  • Invest in high-quality printed leggings -Choosing high-quality printed leggings is of utmost importance for a comfortable experience. Select high-quality printed leggings to ensure maximum support and comfort while performing activities. Printed leggings from renowned brands like Zelocity promises high quality, maximum comfort, and style.

Kinds of Printed Leggings Online

All the different printed leggings you are going to read about can be found on our web platform, including:

  • Capri-Length Printed Leggings-These are pairs which end at your mid-calf. While dressing these up, as a rule of thumb, your top should not be longer than the top of your thigh. This will make you look shorter than you are but a shorter top will have the opposite effect. The trick is in figuring out what works best on you so try on a couple of gym t shirts before taking a call. Depending on the fabric, you can wear them for any workout and they will allow you to make the most of it.

  • Irregular Printed Leggings-Among printed leggings, these are the ones that will have the most slimming effect. The eyes of anyone looking, including you, will be caught up on the print. This is a good thing because if you believe that you have toned up, the motivation will push you to work out harder. It is not without reason people say that once you see results, you are willing to go the extra mile.

  • Cotton Printed LeggingsFor eons, this material has been hailed for its cooling properties, so we have made the best of it and made it even better. We have combined Lavos bamboo with organic cotton to give you a garment that is soft on your skin while having anti-microbial as well as odour free properties. Now you can walk away from your Pilates or Zumba sessions feeling recharged as well as fresh. Most of these pairs come equipped with secret pockets for your essentials, so you are sorted in every way.

  • Floral Printed Leggings- When many think of gym wear, plain solid coloured designs come to the mind. But once you check out our pairs of floral printed leggings, you will change your opinion because feeling good about yourself while working out is the best feeling ever. We understand that feeling at-ease is important, which is why these pretty pairs will appeal to your sensibilities while also being functional to your activity.

Shop from a Wide Range of Printed Leggings Online

Zivame offers a selection of women’s printed leggings for every style, taste, and preference. Ankle length leggings, mid-calf length leggings, capri leggings, and knee-length leggings are some of the most popular styles of ladies printed leggings available on Zivame. The platform offers gym leggings in a wide variety of prints, including captivating abstract and geometric prints to cute floral and dual-tone prints. The most popular types of printed leggings for women on Zivame are the Zelocity mid-rise nouveau shine leggings, Zelocity high-compression nouveau soft leggings, Zelocity hugged skin leggings, Zelocity snug fit skin fit leggings, and Zelocity high-rise capri leggings. Shop now for printed leggings from Zivame’s leggings category, add them to your cart, and get doorstep delivery.

FAQs on Women's Printed Leggings

  1. Which is the best place to buy printed leggings online?
  2. With its large variety of printed leggings in an assortment of colors, prints, fabrics and styles, Zivame’s online printed legging collection is your one-stop solution for getting the best products at the most affordable prices. Apart from printed leggings, Zivame offers you a wide variety of tops to pair with the trendy printed leggings and create your own unique look. Browse through the Zivame online collection and pick your favorite printed leggings to give your wardrobe the stylish update that it so desperately needs!

  3. What types of tops suit printed leggings?
  4. Printed leggings can be a truly multipurpose garment that means fun, mobility and comfort, all rolled into one. Catching up with the athleisure trend, printed leggings are a must-have. Based on the type of look you want to create, a variety of stylish tops can be paired with printed leggings. A general rule would be to go for a plain monochromatic top when thinking of wearing printed leggings. A pair of leggings in tropical prints, coupled with a strappy spaghetti top or a sexy tube top, casual sneakers and cool sunglasses would make for a bold summer athleisure look. When teamed with a dainty blouse and cute ballerinas, leggings in flirty floral prints is your go-to choice for that romantic, vintage-inspired look. Layering printed leggings with a subtle, buttoned-down shirt, a super-sized cardigan or a dressy jacket can make for a casual chic look. With a racerback tee or a functional sports bra, printed leggings in geometric or abstract patterns can help you achieve all those fitness goals in style!

  5. What are some of the quality brands for printed leggings?
  6. Zelocity, Lavos Bamboo and West Vogue are some high-quality brands for printed leggings; these are available on Zivame.

  7. What are the different types of leggings?
  8. Zivame’s online legging collection offers you a wide variety of leggings in different lengths, fabric types, prints, styles and patterns. Depending on style/pattern, printed leggings come in versatile avatars such as the compression, high-waisted, ripped and flared variants. On the basis of length, capri-leggings, midi-leggings, ankle-length, knee-length etc. are some of the different types of leggings. Different fabric types work for different occasions.

  9. What are leggings designed for?
  10. Leggings are a truly versatile item of clothing that is designed to provide a great deal of comfort to the wearer, apart from significantly enhancing her personal style. Depending upon the occasion, fabric, cut, style, etc., leggings can serve as parts of activewear or athleisure essentials or help you make a casual chic fashion statement to remember.

  11. What body type can wear leggings?
  12. People of all body types can wear leggings available on Zivame and choosing the right type of leggings for your body type can elevate your look to a whole new level. Selecting the right size, fit and style of leggings can help you have a comfortable experience as you try out the latest trends. High-waisted leggings that provide great coverage for the cellulite in your abdominal area and act as body shapers are a great option if you want a smoother and sleeker silhouette. Flared leggings can help you flaunt your curves by drawing attention to your hips, while sheer or ripped leggings are statement pieces that help you rock that bold-yet-fun look.

  13. What is the difference between leggings and yoga pants?
  14. The main difference between leggings and yoga pants is that while yoga pants are specifically designed to enable fluid body movements due to the stretchiness and thickness of the fabric, leggings in certain fabrics and styles may or may not be suitable as activewear.

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