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Got a new membership at your neighborhood gym that you just can’t wait to try out? Well, what are you waiting for? Pack that gym-bag and hit the treadmill! ‘Cos we bring you the ultimate gym-bag checklist for every stage of your workout!

Pre-Workout Must-Haves
What you wear to the gym is almost as important as the workout routine you’ve got planned! *Yay*! Not ‘cos we think it’s important to look good while you sweat it out, (it is though), but also because what you carry in your gym bag also plays an important role in your fitness regime!

#1 That Supportive Sports Bra:

Be it a rigorous cardio session or heavy-weight training – the first thing you need is a sports bra! It will support your bust, prevent bounce, give maximum coverage and keep you comfy. There are different types of sports bras you can wear based on the intensity of your workout! Find out which one is best for you here.


#2 Sexy Workout Leggings:

Hitting the treadmill or grooving to a hardcore Zumba routine? Every exercise is best performed in a pair of comfy leggings! Opt for a style that flatters your figure, offers compression and is made of a quick dry fabric that keeps you sweat free! You’ll love our bestselling workout leggings!


#3 A Trusted Training Tee:

Uncomfortable working out in just a sports bra? Why not add an extra layer with a comfortable training tee? Made of light-weight, quick-dry and breathable fabrics, these fun printed styles are just what you need!


#4 Made For Exercising Sports Shoes:

Another investment you won’t regret – a good pair of running shoes will last you a couple of seasons. Why you need them? Because you don’t want to sprain or hurt your ankles and calf muscles while running or doing strength training.

Workout Must-Haves
Now that you’ve got your gym-gear laid out and ready, why not move onto the essentials you’ll need while working those muscles!

#5 A Mobile Holder & Headphones:

We’re sure you’ve got a music playlist that is perfectly in sync with your exercise routine! Now all you need is a compact mobile holder that can be wrapped around your arms or waist and headphones to keep your muscles motivated ‘n pumping!

#6 Your Very Own Clean Towel:

Yes, we know your gym offers fragrant towels, but we highly recommend you carry your own for the sake of hygiene. After all, you’ll find comfort in something personal after a muscle-working, calorie-burning workout!

#7 Yes, A Water Bottle:

A no-brainer, a re-usable water bottle is a must. Your body loses water while you exercise and it’s important to stay hydrated during and after your workout.

#8 A Lock and Key:

Unless you’ve got your very own locker, you definitely need this! After all, your gym-bag has a lot more non-exercise related things; a wallet, keys and more!


Post- Workout Must-Haves
After that very tiring but very satisfying routine, you’re going to need some basic beauty essentials and energy boosters! Don’t worry they won’t occupy much space!


#9 Heard Of Dry Shampoo?

Got somewhere to be immediately after your workout session? Worry not about that sweaty hair. Dry shampoo can come to rescue in the most demanding situations!


#10 Deodorant, A No-brainer:

Okay, let’s cut to the chase. You wouldn’t want that post-workout sweat-smell lingering on your body as you head out. There’s only one way to chase that body odour out instantly – deodorant. So, always keep it handy!


#11 Home-made Energy drinks & Energy Bars: 

After all that energy has been expended, you need a recovery drink. Here’s a 100% natural energy drink recipe: Throw in a banana, honey, skimmed milk, fat-free Greek yoghurt, flax seeds, spinach and almonds in a blender. Mix well and pour this super nutritious concoction in a large bottle and stow it into your bag. Post work out, just pull it out and enjoy your energy drink!


#12 A Sporty Jacket For Post-Gym Outings:

Heading out to your favourite café for a post-workout meal? But not sure if your sweaty training tee is appropriate? Just carry on a cool, multi-functional sporty jacket that matches with your printed leggings. That’s how you can make every post-gym outfit look sexy!

Now that you have your checklist, it’s time to start gathering all you need!

Team Zivame