4 Ways to Care For Your Lingerie

Too much scrubbing, hard wringing and tightly stuffed drawers could be shortening the life of your lingerie. After all, your delicates deserve some TLC too. We tell you how!

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4 Ways To Care For Your Lingerie
Too much scrubbing, hard wringing and tightly stuffed drawers could be shortening the life of your lingerie. After all, your delicates deserve some TLC too.
What’s In A Wash?

Soak your lingerie in cold or warm water with mild detergent and rub it gently by hand. Avoid using a washing machine as it could damage the wires and fabric; but if you must, use a lingerie bag before putting it in.

Are You Drying It Right?

Step away from the tumble dryer when drying. Lay out your lingerie on a flat surface with a towel underneath or hang it on a drying line to air-dry. But no clothespins on the delicate lacy and wired ones please!

Is Your Storage Suffering?

Stop stuffing those drawers! Hook your bras and then stack them one behind the other without folding. This keeps the wires and cups from bending out of shape. Panties and shapewear should be folded neatly.

Time To Change?

Your bras and panties have a shelf life too. And although you’d hate to say goodbye, all lingerie needs to be replaced every six months. But instead of crying over what’s going away, rejoice in the new lingerie wardrobe that’s about to arrive!



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