Uncategorized5 Fresh Ways To Get Out Of A Rut
fresh rut

Feeling kinda down lately? Like things are stagnant and you’re stuck in a rut- uninspired? You are not alone. We are just stepping out of a global, 2-year pandemic, and finding your footing may feel tricky right now. But the new season brings fresh new changes and opportunities, and you must be ready to embrace them all! 

Let’s remedy the rut now, shall we? Read on for 5 ways you can break the monotony and bring a fresh change in your life!

Mirror Magic

The point of this activity is to visualise the change. A fresh, new, creative – possibly daring – change. Get the haircut you wanted to try for a while. Or get it coloured – maybe just the tips – each section a colour borrowed from the rainbow. Go shopping and splurge on yourself with a print you’ve never worn before. The back-open blouse you thought was a little risqué but fun – wear it! Didn’t you always want a tiny paw tattoo on your wrist? Or was it wings on your back? This might be your sign to get them and revel in joy and beauty when you behold yourself in the mirror!

fresh rut

Spa Supremacy

It’s a classic you can never go wrong with. When it’s time for a fresh start you always start at this stop. If indulging in a spa session isn’t your cuppa tea, worry not. Light some pleasant candles and let the tunes of a soothing melody take over you. Lather up your loofah with a comforting gel and wash all the negativity away in the hot stream of shower. As always, nothing can trump chilling in your robe with a rejuvenating face mask before a relaxing skincare routine!

fresh rut

Trip Treat

To begin a fresh start, it’s important to feel connected with yourself. Yes, there is such a thing, and it IS valid. If you’ve not felt that connection for a while, chances are you’re stuck in a rut, operating on autopilot, and even creatively stumped. We aren’t saying you need a lavish, over the top vacation. It can just be a tiny solo trek or a staycation at a relaxing bed and breakfast. Take this chance to change the scenery, and reconnect with self and nature. Sit by the pool, read, go on a hike, and take time to cherish your morning coffee. This way you’ll bring home memories, inspiration and a rejuvenating experience!

Journal Jam

Mindfulness is a tool that is bound to come in handy in a situation like this. If partaking in yoga or meditation is not you, journaling your thoughts is a great option. Best part is, there isn’t a set time to begin or limit to stick to! Start whenever, end whenever, write whatever! Every thought, an idea, or issues you’re struggling to address – write them down. You’ll find your heart lighter and spirits lifted after purging your thoughts out. And guess what, no one’s reading them (unless you want to) so you can be as candid as you like!

Decluttered Design

Your living space can have a huge impact on your mental, emotional, and creative health.  If where you spend most of your time is not up to the mark, it will take a toll. Whether your bedroom, workspace, living room or just wherever you spend most of your time, keeping that space in tune with your liking will change things in a big way. Personalise it with colours, decors, books or flowers – but make it YOURS. Keep making changes, depending on how you’re feeling. Just make sure it is clean, non-cluttered and has room to accommodate your inspired ideas and projects. Time to declutter and redecorate, maybe?

Feeling inspired already? Make notes of the things you want to try and of the Zivame goodies you’d require for them. We mean, how would you go on a trek without the best sports bra, right? Or shop face masks and luxuriant shower gels for your spa? Get going then, rut no more! A fresh change is calling – the world is your oyster!

Ananya Endow