Uncategorized5 Injustices You’re Doing To Your Intimate Health

No more beating around the bush – Vaginal health and hygiene need to be talked about more! So whatever you want to call your bits, from your vajayjay to your private parts, read on to see how to treat your intimate health right.

Chances are, at least once by now, you’ve noticed a change in odour, discharge or even maybe a slight itchiness and didn’t know why. Don’t worry – It’s an experience faced by women the world over. So speaking for all of us, here are 5 reasons that may be why & what to do instead!

Get In, We’re Going for a Ride

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Long road trips mean beautiful scenery, chatting for hours, and blasting music at full volume! But one mood breaker is feeling discomfort along the way. Switch tight and fitted clothes to something light & breezy, and don’t forget to pair them with cotton or cotton gusset panties. Letting your skin breathe, will reduce odour as well as harmful bacteria. And with Zivame, you can go the extra mile and get yourself some anti-bacterial panties too!

Sugar, We’re Going Down

POV – You eat too many sweets at a wedding. And frankly, who wouldn’t? Unfortunately, while the tummy ache in the morning is definitely worth it, the other side effects….not so much. The not-so-sweet effect of too much sugar is a weaker immune system that is more sensitive to yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. So the next time you’re feeling icky after celebrations, you know why. Drink plenty of water and cranberry juice, and take care of your intimate health too!

Do Not Try This at Home

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Listen. We’ve all enjoyed some new hip & happening trends, from Y2K resurgence to Wordle and Tik-Tok dances. But when it comes to intimate health, leave the literal douchebags, jade eggs, and Vicks Vapour-rub out of it. Your vagina is an amazing naturally self-cleaning organ. All you need is warm water and a mild intimate wash like the ones from our new personal care range for a clean-up!

Eyes Wide Open

Sketchy bathroom scenes but you decided to risk it and go anyway? Sometimes there’s no choice & we get it. But darling, you’re playing with fire and even worse – Urinary Tract Infections. From causing a burning feeling when you pee to abdominal pains, pack an intimate health and hygiene kit in your handbag to avoid UTIs! Grab your toilet seat covers, and get must-have toilet sanitisers and personal hygiene products from Zivame.

Your Times of the Month

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‘Cuz good period hygiene prevents infection, reduces odour, and lets you stay comfortable even on days when all hell has broken loose. Wash your hands after every restroom visit, change your menstrual pads after every 8 hours, and always -ALWAYS- wipe from front to back when in the restroom! Zivame’s period panties have active odour control & are a good option to always keep you feeling fresh. Most importantly they don’t let blood stains stay after a wash, enjoy!

Meghana Chagari