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Celebrity interview of bra

A timeless classic, she’s been wowing all who know her, all the way from her debut in 1889. A common sight in your intimate wear drawer, she’s a household name for women’s lingerie the world over. In this edition, we’re taking you to meet a special someone, THE Bra!

Zivame bra

Because despite her unparalleled popularity, she’s talking to us about all her variations, secrets, styles and more! Join us for an EXCLUSIVE interview with all the inside scoops!

Got Your Back

Backband Image

Behind every successful Bra – literally – is the back band. “It’s been my secret” the celebrity finally reveals “Over 70% of my support for holding your bust can be attributed to this”. We’d have never guessed it, readers! But maybe that’s why Zivame plus size True Curv lingerie (from sizes 32DD – 44F) have a much stronger back band for extra support!

Sizing up the Cups 

Close up image of cups

With an iconic legacy spanning from the Did-Not-Work Inflatable Bra to the sharp points of the Bullet Bra, most Modern Bras have bra cup sizes, which are much more subtle and discreet. Staying close to your skin, some – like the T-shirt Bra –  are made to be invisible under any outfit. “And if it’s not seamless, I love some lace or embroidery on me for a splash of glam”. Well, you heard her loud & clear folks! What are your thoughts on lace bras?

Style is in the Straps

Pretty bra strap

Criss-cross, straight, glitter, or transparent bra straps! Straps are a delight that connect the cups to the back band and lets your Bra stay up. Recalling one of her youthful adventures that worked wonders, she tells us about the Strapless Bra which replaces straps with silicon grips at the bust. Perfect for halter neck tops, she also shared some nuggets of wisdom – “When my strap colours match your top, they can be shown off as a fun part of the outfit too!”

Getting Hooked 

Hook and eye closure

The hook and eye closure – One of the most recognisable parts of the Bra. Well, we’ve got questions! Whether it’s a front open or back, we asked why there are three different sets of hooks, and which one to use. Her answer? “Always select your perfect fit by hooking on to the loosest one. That way you can tighten it as it stretches over time, while you look for a new bra”. So from cotton bras to silk bras, make sure to get the right fit!

Trinket Deets

Zivame trinket

“This is my favourite part” The Bra giggled “But not every bra has it!”. A Zivame trinket is a special touch we adore that appears only on our favourite collections. “I love the flair it gives that transforms any bra into something so wonderful”. As we keep seeing the little Z on our lingerie, we can’t help but agree!

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Meghana Chagari