Uncategorized4 Reasons Why You Need A Miracle Bra Right Away!

On an average, a woman owns 16 bras at any given point of time. That’s a lot, right? What if we told you that we’ve got a style that could reduce this figure drastically? Yes, it’s true! The Miracle Bra can multitask and do the work of four. You no longer need a sports bra for workouts, a nude seamless bra for work, a fancy bra for your night outs and a sleep bra for the night. Who has the time for that anyway?

It’s India’s only ‘Round-The-Clock Bra’ and here’s why!

Bonded Support

Yoga in the morning or pilates in the evening? The Miracle Bra has got smart bonding to provide the support your bust needs for low impact exercises. 

Light as feather

Uncomfortable lingerie at work can make you super-unproductive and we know that. That’s why the Miracle Bra is light as a feather and is designed with laser cut all-over to keep you comfortable all day. It’s also seamless which means no more awkward bra lines. And the foundation colours it comes in, go well with your favourite white shirt so you can rock every workplace #OOTD! 

Convertible Straps

No, we didn’t forget about the social life you have after work. That’s why this style comes with convertible straps that are easy to detach. The miracle bra can go from regular to a cross back style in just seconds. So, you don’t need to worry about carrying an extra bra to change into, along with that party dress!

Zero Construction

Lounging is serious business and it needs no interruption. And this style is perfect for that. Turn on your ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode with this style as it has got no elastic, padding or wiring. Now you can doze off with the bra on, and you won’t even feel it!

We definitely recommend getting the Miracle Bra. But the only downside is, you won’t be able to relate to the memes about how good taking off your bra feels. We hope you’re okay with that! 😉

Team Zivame