UncategorizedWhat’s YOUR Break-Free Resolution?
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The New Year 2023 has started but January still isn’t over, which means it’s the perfect time to tweak your resolution list and add something new!  With the New Year Sale starting today the timing couldn’t be more perfect to add that one last thing.

New year Resolution

Here’s a short list so you can gently step out of your comfort zones and break free of inhibitions! With so much to discover about ourselves, here’s to letting nothing hold us back. Which resolution do you relate to?

Shape of Water

Zivame swimwear

Scared to take the plunge & learn how to swim? Understandable. But let 2023 be the year you make a splash! Start by standing, floating, and taking it slow, we’ll get to deep diving (much) later. Whether you need modest designs, plus-size swimwear, or women’s bikini sets, Zivame swimwear will always let you look cool, stay cool, and guarantees that fun will bubble up over your fears!

Two Left Feet

Zivame sports bras

From Bollywood nights to tango, do you just jump around or do an awkward shuffle? Reader, we’re in the same boat. So as future would-be dancing-queens this is a sign for us to sign up for those lessons as a 2023 resolution! And while we’re at it – Did you know Zivame sports bras are for dancing? They support your bust and hold them in place as you move and groove, while compression leggings help you recover faster.


women sleepwear

Here’s something we all know- late nights & early mornings add up till you crash! So set yourself free (from your caffeine addiction) and catch those 8 hours of sleep- switching off your phone & wearing comfortable sleepwear works wonders. Give these cloud-soft Zivame ones a try, for something so cosy you’ll start counting sheep as soon as you see them!

Wallflower Syndrome

Zivame bras

‘Cuz there’s a difference between being introverted and standing in the corner trying to be more social at the party. But you’re in luck- If it’s more body confidence you need, we’ve got it in spades! From bold colours to enchanting patterns, Zivame bras add a sparkle that lets you do whatever you want. Sometimes literally. So wear these, strut, and see the difference for yourself. Discover 2023’s top picks- Read More →

Commitment Issues

new year resolution ideas

Do you start hobbies just to stop when you’re not immediately perfect at them? If you’re reading this, you know who you are. So this year, allow yourself to fail again and again as you stick to something you really like and master the craft! New year 2023 Sunday afternoons are SET. And the trick to keep it going is to set the mood just right and to do it every time. Enter Zivame loungewear, stage left. The excitement will never fade!

Meghana Chagari