UncategorizedSaree Shapewear is Timeless and Here’s Why

It’s time to trade your comfy loungewear for some timeless Sarees, Lehengas, and Chaniya Cholis. Yes, the much-awaited festivities are finally here! But is there something that is keeping you from going all out and dressing up in your finest? A bit of a ‘quarantine tummy’ perhaps? Don’t worry ladies, we have an amazing solution for you! Try the Zivame Saree Shapewear– a multipurpose Shapewear underskirt that is a must-have if you want killer curves, and a seamless mermaid silhouette this festive season. 

Here are 5 reasons you need the Saree Shapewear in your festive wardrobe right now:

  1. No Strings Attached

The Saree Shapewear is a new-age petticoat that works as an underskirt and Shapewear. Unlike the messy, old-school petticoat, it is totally seamless and gives you a smooth fit. You will never have to deal with strings bunching up at your tummy or chafing again. The Saree Shapewear is soft to touch and comfortable to wear – no extra fabric, no seams, and absolutely no bulk ruining your Saree silhouette.

    2. 100% Secure

So how exactly does the Saree Shapewear hold your Saree in place? Simple! Its thick elastic waistband ensures that your Saree’s weight is perfectly balanced and doesn’t slip or slide. Now, your pleats will not come undone while dancing! Just relax, immerse yourself in the festivities and leave the rest to the Saree Shapewear!

    3. Va-va-voom Shape

What’s more? This is not just an underskirt, it’s Shapewear! That ‘quarantine tummy’? Poof…gone! The Saree Shapewear smoothens your love handles, sculpts your tummy, lifts your rear, and tightens your thighs for the perfect mermaid silhouette. Why wear Shapewear under your petticoat when you can do both at the same time with the Saree Shapewear?

   4. Comfort & Ease of Wearing

This Shapewear skirt is like no other. Try our latest 12-hour, low- compression Saree Shapewear that keeps you taut and comfortable from morning to night without any problems. Its flared skirt design gives incredible ease of movement so you can dance all night long- just perfect for Dandiya night! 

Psst: If sculpting is your priority, you can go for our Saree Shapewear in high and medium compression to look slimmer by 1-2 inches. 

   5. Variety galore

The Saree Shapewear is available in neutral and colourful shades to match with your Saree. Plus, it’s available in sizes S-2XL! What’s wonderful about it is that you can pair it with your Saree for a family get-together, a long skirt for ‘taash nights’, Chaniya choli for Dandiya nights, Lehenga for Diwali party, a Gown for a cocktail party, and more!

Different Types of Saree Shapewear

Here are listed some popular types of saree shapewear that will help you deck yourself out with oomph and aplomb.

  • High Compression Flared Mermaid Saree Shaper  

If you wish to look two inches slimmer, opt for the high compression mermaid saree shaper. Its elastane blended fabric provides superior stretch and shape retention for your thighs and tummy. 

Also, the flare below the knees facilitates ease of movement. It is highly recommended as an underskirt for organza or chiffon sarees.

  • High Compression Slit Mermaid Saree Shapewear

This saree shapewear too is extremely comfortable to wear and provides high compression to make you look slimmer by two inches. Because of the side slit, it is recommended you wear it under cotton or silk sarees.

  • Seamless All-day Mermaid Saree Shapewear

The saree shaper comes with a seamless, chafe-free finish and a side slit. It is incredibly lightweight and provides medium compression to make you look one inch slimmer. Wear it under your favorite saree to smoothen the flab and accentuate the curves.

  • All-day Flared Mermaid Saree Shapewear

If you are someone having qualms about replacing the classic bulky saree petticoat, go for the all-day flared mermaid saree shapewear

The fabric is light, comfortable, perfectly shapes your curves, and can be comfortably worn for twelve hours. The flared bottom provides ease of movement. 

How Do I Choose a Saree Shapewear? 

Since you have made it here, it seems like you are all set to ditch the traditional bulky petticoat and embrace the oomph and comfort offered by Saree Shapewear. Here are a few key tips to consider while choosing a Saree Shapewear


The shapewear comes in direct contact with your skin and therefore fabric’ is one of the critical attributes to be considered while shopping. 

The Saree Shapewear available on Zivame is crafted with high-quality polyamide spandex. The elastane blended fabric of the shapewear is very soft, and light and can give you the desired stretch and shape retention with ease.


Understand the occasion that warrants the use of the Saree Shapewear. If you need to wear a saree just for a few hours, you can go for the shapewear with high or medium compression. This shapewear is tighter with more compression to give you an impeccable mermaid silhouette. 

But, if you need to drape your six yards for a long time, and you need to get into a lot of action, it’s better to opt for low compression and comfort fit. 

The low compression shapewear with a flare will not squash you and is pretty loose around the knees. This kind of shapewear indeed prevails over the classic underskirt to render you a stunning silhouette with incredible comfort.


Whether your saree is light or heavy, the shapewear should be able to provide the requisite support. Select a saree shapewear that supports your saree or any other desired outfit in the best possible way. 

At the same time, a saree shapewear is not just meant to support your saree; it needs to support your body in a way that elevates your confidence. So, opt for the saree shapewear that provides the right kind of support to your body. It should flatten your tummy, lift your rear, and smoothen the love handles effortlessly.


If you wish to look your best at any event, styling is essential, but comfort is critical! Since a saree shapewear is the mainstay of a saree, make sure it is comfortable. The Saree shapewear available on Zivame is crafted with breathable, stretchable, and soft fabric to provide you optimum comfort with grace. 

We also have shapewear designed to be worn for 12hours comfortably. So, check the specifications and buy the one that suits your requirement.

Also, size is one of the key factors contributing to comfort. For optimum comfort, make sure you buy the correct size. Buying a size larger won’t give you the desired compression, and buying a size smaller can lead to muffin tops and side bulges.


This is also an important attribute to be considered while buying the saree shapewear. The colour of the underskirt can either accentuate or snuff out the beauty of your saree. 

Browse through the extensive colour palette of the saree shapewear on Zivame to get your perfect match!


  • What is the difference between a saree shapewear and a petticoat? 

A traditional saree petticoat is an underskirt with drawstrings that are meant to hold your saree in place. It can make a saree look bulkier if it isn’t worn correctly.

On the other hand, a saree shapewear holds the saree in place, helps smoothen the belly fat and the love handles, and tones the thighs. 

Moreover, it has no drawstrings and comes in a comfortable fabric that renders a beautiful mermaid silhouette. 

  • What type of saree shapewear should you use during festive seasons? 

If you are wearing a cotton or a silk saree, opt for the saree shapewear with a slit. If you choose an organza or a chiffon saree, go for the saree shapewear with a flare.

  • Why does the saree shapewear play a vital role in a modern women’s wardrobe?

Saree shapewear is a must-have for all the contemporary women who love to deck out in ethnic wear. 

The shapewear comes without drawstrings, has a soft and seamless elastic band that prevents chafing, smoothens the excess fat on the tummy, waist, and thighs, and renders a gorgeous mermaid silhouette.

  • Is it good to wear saree shapewear?

Yes, it indeed is good to wear saree shapewear. Make sure you go for the perfect fit and colour, and you will be ready to flaunt your beautiful curves in your favorite ethnic wear.

  • Can we sit down in saree shapewear?

Yes, by wearing saree shapewear, you can sit down comfortably on a chair or any seating arrangement that is a bit elevated from the floor. But, sitting on the floor cross-legged could be a bit challenging.

Once you try the Saree Shapewear, you will quickly realise that it is a perfect match for not only your Saree but other festive wear outfits as well!

Leave behind your uncomfy petticoats and step into the modern world of Saree Shapewear this festive season! Head to Zivame and bring home your Saree Shapewear today! 

Team Zivame