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Ideal Bras To Wear If You Have Uneven Breasts

Similar to how twins may look similar but vary in terms of features and attributes, your breasts too are always not exactly the same. Sometimes, your breasts may differ in size, where one of your twins might be tad larger than the other one. Now that you get the picture, let us tell you, it is completely okay to have uneven breasts. 

Having said that, we’re also aware of the frustrations related to finding the right bra for asymmetrical breasts. If there isn’t proper hand-holding right at the beginning, you may end up buying a wrong pair that keeps you uncomfortable all the time. You need that perfect piece of Bra that fits both your girls well, and guess what? Zivame has got you covered. 

5 Best Bras For Asymmetrical Breasts  

Padded Bra – If you have a slight difference of size between your breasts, you can opt for Padded Bras. Choose the thickness of padding depending on your exact requirement so as to avoid looking unnecessarily bulky on your bust. These bras feature molded cups that give a rounder shape to your breasts. Technically, they will not wrinkle even if they are not completely filled. This ensures providing a visually balanced silhouette and your asymmetry shall not be visible underneath your clothing.

Plunge Bra – If your breasts happen to be too close to each other, chances are they might end up looking like a uniboob. So, it is best to wear a Plunge Neck Bra and solve this issue by creating a desired separation and enviable cleavage between both your twins. Girls with petite bell-shaped breasts can also opt for wired and padded Plunge Neck Bras to achieve a perfect uniformity and shape. 

T-Shirt Bra – Do you have breasts that tend to lean towards the outside of your chest and leave a gap in the middle? In that case, a T-shirt bra can miraculously bring them closer to each other . A T-Shirt Bra pushes your breasts to the centre of your chest and gives you a more smooth and seamless look under your outfit.

Full Coverage Bra – If you are that girl with full rounded breasts that have a bell-like curve at the bottom, you should ideally wear a Full-Coverage Bra for perfect shaping and zero side spillage. A Full-Coverage Bra will distribute your breasts tissues proportionately and ensure a more shapely look beneath your outfits. 

Cami Bra – In case your breasts differ in size, you can also try wearing a Camisole Bra with removable padding to bridge the gap between the pair. This is the easiest way to even the size of your breasts. Simply use push-up cookies inside your Bra and balance out those uneven breasts. 

Take a closer look at your breasts in the mirror and determine your exact need. Minor variations might be imperceptible but remember, no one has two perfectly identical breasts. So, no matter what size or shape you are, do not hesitate to explore what Zivame has in store for you. Go on and get your two girls the special treatment that they deserve.

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