Uncategorized5 Ways To Choose The Right Shapewear

We may be slender or slightly plump – we’re all beautiful women, but we have those areas we wish could get in better shape. More so, when wearing those bodycon dresses, tights or fitted skirts!

But first, how does shapewear work?

Shapewear for women is engineered using different techniques to temporarily smoothen out areas of the body by compressing the fat. Depending on the shapewear used, the flab can also move directionally.

So, how do you choose the right one for your needs? We tell you!


#1 By Body Area

Identify the parts of your body where you need most help. The most common problem areas are:

 Body Area  Recommended Shapewear
 Abdomen/Love  Handles  High-waist briefs, Shaping Panties, Waist Cinchers , Shaping Slips,      Shaping Camisoles
 Hips  Shaping Briefs, Bodysuits , Thigh Shapers
 Thighs  Thigh Shapers, Shaping Pantyhose
 Full Legs  Shaping Leggings, Full Length Pantyhose
 Back or Posture Correction Back Support Shapers
 All Over Body  Bodysuits



#2 By Control Levels

There are 4 levels of control:

Level 1: Smooth Control
Makes you look toned
Comfort: High

Level 2: Medium Control.
Makes you look 1 size slimmer.
Comfort: Medium to High

Level 3: High Control.
Makes you look 2 sizes slimmer.
Comfort: Medium

Level 4: Extreme Control.
Makes you look 3 sizes slimmer and gives a sculpted look.
Comfort: Low, if worn for more than the recommended number of hours

That’s not all.

There’s also the Thermoslim range of Zivame shapewear that could help you lose weight while you’re wearing it.

It has a thermal, latex panel inside that increases body temperature, stimulating detoxification, preventing water retention and promoting weight loss. This latex is fused with a soft cotton fabric that feels very soft against your skin.

A seamless, non-chafe type of shapewear, it can be worn under fitted outfits.


#3 By Duration Of Wear

12 hours: Level 1 Shapewear

6-12 hours: Level 2 Shapewear

3-6 hours: Level 3 Shapewear

1-3 hours: Level 4 Shapewear


#4 By Purpose & Occasion

Full Day/Office Wear – Level 1 or Level 2

Party – Level 3 or 4, depending on duration

Dressy Evenings – A cincher should do the trick. Waist cinchers go under your bra and over your brief

WeddingsSaree Shapewear (Yes, that’s a thing! First time in the World) for lehengas, gowns, long skirts and sarees


#5 By Outfits


Shirts/T-shirts/Kurtas – Level 1 or 2 Shapewear

Fitted Dresses – Level 2, 3, or 4

Sarees – Saree Shapewear

Pants/Trousers – Level 1 or 2

Skinny Jeans/Pants – Level 3 or 4, depending on duration


What’s more? You could also go for Outerwear Shapewear. These are Level 1 or 2 tops that shape you. You don’t need to wear a t-shirt or shirt over these and they go great with skirts and pants!


Team Zivame