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Winter got a Velvety Soft Makeover

 When it’s cold and windy outside, you just want to be inside your house, wrapped up in a duvet. It doesn’t matter what you do, just as long as you don’t have to leave the warmth! Well, we are here to give you more reasons to cuddle up to that warmth with our cozy velvety soft collection.  


Staying in is cool too!

The best part of winters is when you snuggle up in your blanket with fuzzy socks, watching reruns of old rom-coms or reading a good book. But why restrict the fuzziness to your socks when our velvety soft collection can give you the same content and to top the snuggle and warmth we have them available in the cutest prints and adorable colours.


Be the showstopper of your slumber party!

We have you sorted for your winter sleepovers. Give each other wacky makeovers in our hoodie-robe ( yes, we did say hoodie! ) followed by a talent show and red carpet interviews. After all, winter does demand its own share of girl-fun.


All you need is cozy and soft!

Or you can sit around the coffee table and catch up with warm, steamy mugs of cocoa and fuzzy jammies. In prints and colours of adorable pink, comfy grey, and cute beige, give your cuddles a whole new comfort!


So be it reading books or building blanket forts, goofy fun or a good old F.R.I.E.N.D.S. marathon. Winter can be great fun when you’re snug and warm in the soft comfort of our sleepwear collection. Because who said sleepwear was just meant for sleep.



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