UncategorizedIs Fitness Just For The Fit?

Very often, people get intimidated with ‘fitness’. It’s not so much the concept that worries them, but what everybody expects from the term. I should know, I’m one of these people.

Everytime someone starts talking to me about fitness, it stresses me out. All the talk about types of diets (Keto, GM, low-carb, low-protein!), or the workouts (pilates, strength and conditioning, circuit training), and the other technical terms (BMI, calisthenics, fat percentage) are very hard to follow.

With the kind of fear these words instilled in me, I ended up ignoring fitness for a long time. Because I used to believe that fitness can be followed only when you go to the gym and have a strict workout regimen. I believed fitness was only for those who’ve always been fit. But how wrong I was!

I met a friend a few months ago, someone who looks extremely fit and healthy, but yet, doesn’t ‘work out’. At first, I couldn’t believe it when she said that to me. Then she went on to explain that she doesn’t exercise in the traditional sense; but she does whatever it is that makes her feel good, from inside and out.

And her favourite form of exercise – walking her dog!


For the last 3 years, she’s been taking her dog for hour-long walks everyday. They jog together, play around and she pushes herself to the point where she sweats it out – all while enjoying the quality time with her furry friend.

And that’s all; that’s her secret to staying fit!

This conversation helped me realise that I have a stigma attached to the concept of ‘fitness’. For far too long, I’ve looked at fitness as something that someone else would dictate to me, without ever stopping to think that it could be whatever I wanted it to be.

Whether it’s swimming in the small lake on the outskirts of the city, or climbing five floors of stairs to get to work everyday – I could do whatever made me feel the burn!

I would try to set these big goals like running a 5k, or losing a certain amount of weight and end up losing steam halfway through. Instead, what worked for me was finding what I enjoyed and then doing it in small, but frequent doses.

So, you see, fitness isn’t only for those who understand all the technicalities that come with it. Fitness is about finding the rhythm your body enjoys the most!

You could choose to sweep the floors of your house one day (all that squatting is a great core workout!), or just dance around your room for one hour.

The key to following a fitness routine is enjoying it. I’ve found my sneaky ways to incorporate exercise into my day; what are some of yours?

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