Uncategorized8 *Incredible* Benefits Of Cycling You Didn’t Know About!

8 *Incredible* Benefits Of Cycling You Didn’t Know About!

Benefits Of Cycling

Whether you cycle solo or with your partner, this is a low-impact workout can be enjoyed by people of all age groups. Really! Besides being a lot of fun, it can help keep a host of health problems at bay. Curious how? Read on!

#1 It Strengthens Your Muscles
Cycling engages the calf and thigh muscles and helps strengthen and tone them. It also works on the core muscles, toning your abs, and toughening up your arms.

#2 It Makes Your Heart Fitter
Cycling increases the heart rate, and gives you a good cardio workout. Compared to people living the sedentary life, people who cycle regularly tend to have an enhanced cardiovascular system.

#3 It Keep Diabetes In Check
Diabetes is the root cause of heart attacks, strokes, skin diseases, kidney failures and many other illnesses. To keep this devil in check, cycle every day! Cycling curbs diabetes as it uses up the glucose and converts it into useful energy.

#4 It Increases Stamina
Regular cycling increases endurance levels and gives your stamina a good boost. Start with 30 minutes of cycling each day and gradually increase the time and pace. This will result in higher energy levels, in no time!

#5 It Helps You De-stress
Since cycling is so much fun, it keeps your stress levels under control. Cycle every day for 30 minutes to an hour, and it will help you keep all that stress and negative energy at bay.

#6 It Manages Pain
Research has shown that cycling can reduce pain as it a ‘releasing’ exercise – one that helps ease physiological and psychological problems like stress, tension, and pain. Thus, cycling is a great way to reduce pain if done regularly.

#7 It Aids In Weight Loss
Cycling is a total calorie-burner! Even one hour of cycling thrice a week, will have you dropping the extra kilos in no time! No wonder, spinning has become such a popular gym exercise!

#8 It Keeps Away The Arthritis
Not only does cycling reduce arthritis pain, it also helps in preventing the disease. Whether you cycle indoors, or outdoors, your joints and muscles will get a great workout and keep you fitter for longer!

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