UncategorizedA Bikini & 5 Other Must-Haves Before You Hit The Beach!
a panty that stays in place

Bikini and beach must haves

You’ve already planned a summer vacay by the beach, so it’s now time to get packing! First things first, you need a sexy li’l bikini! In florals or abstract prints, with halter necks or cross-backs, they’re so stylish – you just might buy more than one!

But, what’s next on your checklist? Something to prevent sunburn or pat you dry or simply keep you relaxed! We round up all the must-haves for a perfect day with surf, sun and sand!


#1 The XXL Sized Bag

Bikini and beach must haves

No, we aren’t kidding about the size! With a beach towel, hydrating lip balm, cheap sunglasses that you don’t mind getting scratched, sunscreen loaded with SPF, that bottle of water you always forget, a scrunchie to tie up your after-beach hair – an XXL duffle or tote bag is just what you need!


#2 A Beach-Ready Outfit

Bikini and beach must haves

Yes, we know you’ve already got that sexy bikini! But what about something to slip on over it? A pretty sun-dress or a romper should do the trick! And don’t forget those cute rubber flip-flops, ‘cos no day at the beach is complete without ‘em!


#3 A Multi-Purpose Pouch

Bikini and beach must haves

Now, you can’t tow that massive tote bag all over the beach, so why not carry a tiny water-proof pouch for when you’re near the waves! It’s perfect to slip your phone in, for those spontaneous ocean-backdrop selfies or simply to collect pretty shells while you stroll along the shore!


#4 A Good Read

Bikini and beach must haves

Nothing’s better than lying on the soft white sand, listening to the waves and getting a brilliant sun tan – all while reading your favourite book! The beach is the best place to get some much needed relaxation from the busy lives we lead! So, don’t forget to slip your current read into that big bag!


#5 That Floppy Sun Hat

Bikini and beach must haves

Planning to empty that entire tube of sunscreen on your face and body? Go ahead, extra protection from the sun couldn’t hurt! And while you’re at it, carry a large brimmed floppy hat too! ‘Cos ladies, trust us, sunburn isn’t cute on anyone! And a hat is the perfect way to help you read without the suns’ rays glaring into your eyes! It’s a win-win!

Well, we’ve given you the checklist, now all you need to do is get going!

Team Zivame