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There’s only one type of clothing where fashion and function are both equally essential, and that’s activewear. Activewear that performs as well as it looks can actually be the difference between a great workout and a tedious one. Which is why our Zelocity Activewear, tested on approximately 500 different women, comes with a special fabric, engineered for different workouts and different parts of the body.
What are these fabrics and why are they so special? Our designers tell you:

AlphaTone Fabric

Engineered For: Targeted Compression
After months of research, we found that a lot of women don’t need high compression activewear. Our AlphaTone fabric offers compression in certain areas like the thighs, rear, abdomen and calves. This means the fabric tones your muscle in the areas you need, without the restriction of high impact sportswear.

Best For: Medium Intensity Activities
Since our AlphaTone Fabric offers medium compression in targeted areas, it’s best suited for activities like dance, yoga, Zumba, cycling, and running.

Core Movement | Zelocity | Zivame

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AlphaSculpt Fabric

Engineered For: 360 Degree Compression
This one’s for the really tough workouts. Our AlphaSculpt fabric is made for high-intensity workouts. With all-round compression, the leggings that are made of this fabric hold your muscles in place while you workout. You’ll also feel each of the muscles you’re working out while you’re working on them.

Best For: High-Intensity Activities
Our AlphaScuplt fabric leggings are ideal for workouts that include CrossFit, functional training, weight-training, kickboxing, MMA, and other more strenuous activities.

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Why You Need To Get Them Now:

They’re Perfect For Any Body Type
Tried and tested on hundreds of women across the country, our Zelocity leggings have been crafted to suit every Indian body type. They’re also highly functional and because they come in two different levels of compression, there’s something for everyone without having to compromise!

They’re More Than Just Toning And Sculpting
– They’re anti-microbial so they kill any odour-causing bacteria in your sweat
– The fabric is moisture-wicking and doesn’t absorb sweat and helps it evaporate quickly. This also means they dry extremely fast.
– They’re all wrinkle-resistant so that’s one less thing to worry about
– It has 4-way stretch that moves with your body and doesn’t let the fabric get out of shape

Engineered To Get You The Most Out Of Your Workout! Shop AlphaTone & AlphaSculpt Leggings Now!

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