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Shapewear is designed to give the right compression to your bust, waist, hips and thighs; it can greatly enhance your look. Although most women use shapewear as innerwear, neatly concealed beneath their outerwear, it doesn’t always have to be so. You can definitely opt for shapewear as your main piece of clothing and look fab while doing so.

Remember, shapewear won’t give you a different body shape; it only smoothes out your natural curves, giving you a nice, clean silhouette. Let’s take a look at the various shapewear styling options you can try out.

1) Thigh Shapewear

These thigh shapers can make your thighs look toned. You can opt for a high waist thigh shaper to take care of the thighs as well as the tummy and waist areas.  Though thigh shapers are mostly worn beneath pants or body-hugging outfits, you can wear them as outerwear, too.

Thigh shapers with cropped tops teamed with high heels and an oversized blazer can look fab. You can also pair thigh shapers with boxy jackets or T-shirts, finishing the look with a pair of cool sneakers.

Thigh shapers can also be worn with slit midi dresses or sarongs; accessorise the bottom with a belt around the waist over a slightly loose top or a spaghetti top, teamed with a pair of heels. Throw in a blazer if you feel like it.

2) Bikini Shaper Brief
Bikini Shaper Brief

Stepping out in a bikini brief might not be your thing, but you can pair these shapers with pretty much anything from shorts and trousers to skirts and dresses. Pair a high waisted bikini shaper with a cropped top or wear it with a button-down shirt; you may throw in a statement belt over the shirt. It will also go well with a shirt dress paired with your favourite flats.

Bikini shapers can also be worn underneath a sheer mini dress and a bralette/tube top, with a jacket or open cardigan over them.

3) Boy Shorts Shaper Brief

Boy shorts shaper brief will help keep the upper thigh in shape and can hide flaps. Boy shorts shapers can be paired with bodycon dresses, jeggings, shorts or skirts and you can opt for high or low waist briefs.

A boy-shorts shaper brief gives full coverage and can also be worn as shorts when stepping out. You can use boy short shapers paired with sheer skirts and T-shirts or use them as your workout shorts in gyms; throw a tank top over it to make it your cycling outfit.

4) Tummy Tucker Panties

Tummy tuckers, as the name suggests, are designed to control flaps around the tummy. Also known as tummy shapers, they are ideally worn under T-shirts, tops and sweaters or camisoles. If you’re wearing high-rise pants/skirts with tops, then an option would be to go for high waist panty shapewear which will take care of both the tummy and the bottom contours.

High rise tummy tuckers can also be worn as outerwear. For example, you can pair it with pantyhose, a bralette top/T-shirt, thigh-high boots and a jacket for a hot and chic look.

5) Full Body Suit
Full Body Suit

While tummy shapewear controls the tummy area, a fitted dress would need control around the hip and thigh areas too.  In that case, you would want to go for shapewear specifically designed to be worn with fitted dresses/gowns to get an overall smooth contour. And that’s where the full bodysuit shapewear comes in: it helps accentuate your natural curves.

Body Suit shapewear is increasingly being used as outerwear, and it looks fabulous when done right. So, now you may consider confidently stepping out in a full bodysuit shaper without outerwear to cover it. Wear it as a top with jeans/pants or pair it with a button-up denim skirt or shorts, almost anything goes with this one. You can throw a jacket on top of the bodysuit. You can also wear it with leather pants and leather jackets, Kardashian-style!

6)Hipster Shaper Brief
Hipster Shaper Brief

Hipsters are similar to boy shorts. Hipsters, like boy shorts, have low-cut leg holes and sit a little below the waist on your hips. Hipster shaper briefs ensure a rounder shape around your bottom and as such, help in accentuating the silhouette when wearing tight outfits.

You can step out in a hipster shaper brief paired with a kurta to get that ‘no pants kurta’ look. Or go for it as beachwear with a tunic and flats.

Those were a few shapewear styling options for going out. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Final Words

It is also important that you pick and style shapewear according to your focus areas – waist, tummy or thighs. For example, if you are concerned about your tummy, there are two ways to go about it. Is your upper tummy bulgy, and you don’t like that? Then, you might want to go for high waist shapewear or simply invest in a tube style. If your lower belly is the problem area, then again, the high waist will help. You can also check out lower abdomen shapewear.

When it comes to smoothing waist/hip areas, shorts/brief or panty shapewear can do wonders.

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