UncategorizedAn Insider’s guide to Shapewear

We are born in bodies that are imperfectly perfect in their own ways. There are bits we love and embrace and there are parts we wish could be better. Some of us want a slimmer waist, some wish for a bubble butt. Of course, there is exercise, but till such time we sweat it out in the gym, there is Shapewear!

Known as a woman’s best-kept secret, Shapewear helps you achieve a flattering silhouette within a matter of minutes. It is exactly what it says it is- an innerwear garment which helps shape your body the way you like it. Whether you wish to enhance or conceal, it is up to you! No matter what your body type- petite, slender or curvy- there is something for everyone. 

Read on to learn about different shapewear styles and how they work:

The Bodysuit

The Bodysuit looks like a swimsuit & is meant to target areas like the bust, waist, love handles, rear and thighs for a smooth and bulge free look. You can choose between a Full Bodysuit, a No-Bust Bodysuit or a no-Leg Bodysuit to suit your needs.

Ideal for: Women looking for a slender, bulge free, full-body look

Can be worn with: Shirts, tees, body con dresses, kurtis

Try this look: Be runway ready with a full Bodysuit under a body-con dress with high heel stilettos.

The Waist Cincher

The Waist Cincher is worn around the waist for shaping and sculpting the waistline and the tummy region. Pick your favourite designs on Zivame ranging from a corset style front open design, a slip-on, or a tummy shaping girdle.

Ideal for: Women looking for a look with a slimmer waist and flatter stomach area

Can be worn under: Shirts, dresses, kurtis, fitted tops

Try this look: Wear a tummy shaping girdle with ease under your formal shirt with trousers to office. It’s a secret only you know about! Or, wear a heavy-duty Waist Cincher under a tight dress for a Marilyn Monroe-like hourglass shape.

Tummy Tucking Briefs/Panties

Designed for women looking for shaping and support in the lower body region, these briefs/panties target the waist, tummy area, sides and the rear region.

Ideal for: Women who want to get rid of the muffin top and get a smooth, well-defined butt in outfits

Can be worn under: Jeans, trousers, linen pants, skirts, shirts, kurtis, dresses

Try this look: Slip it under high-waisted leggings, pair that with a bralette, a short denim jacket and sneakers- you are now street ramp ready!

The Thigh Shaper

If you are looking for the perfect shapewear to wear under your pencil skirt, your search stops here! Thigh Shapers are worn like shorts and are very convenient. 

Ideal for: Those looking for firm thighs & a well-shaped waist and rear under outfits

Can be worn under: Pencil skirts, thigh hugging pants/dresses

Try this look: Wear it under high-waisted, fitted trousers with a crop top and kitten heels for that girls’ night out.

Shaping Camis and Vests

If you consider yourself ‘top heavy’ this is the perfect shapewear for you.  Shaping Camis and Vests defines your upper body and provide compression at the right spots by distributing the fat tissues correctly. 

Ideal for: Women looking for a slender, bulge-free, and seamless upper body silhouette

Can be worn under: Tees, formal shirts, kurta sets, dresses

Target area: Back, bust, waist, sides, belly

Try this look: Pair the Shaping Cami or Vest under a tank top, throw in some jeans and espadrilles and you are ready for a movie date!

Saree Shapewear

Tired of the chunky pleats of your petticoat? We all are! Try Zivame’s revolutionary Saree Shapewear that is designed especially for Indian women to support and sculpt your waist, rear and thighs for that perfect saree shape. It also has an elastic waistband that removes all scope for any kind of chafing. Win-win!

Ideal for: Women looking for a mermaid-like silhouette under sarees

Can be worn under: Sarees, long skirts, midi dresses

Target area: Waist, love handles, thighs

Try this look: Wear this shapewear under a chiffon saree with pearls this wedding season or under a floral midi dress with a straw hat for a Sunday picnic

Do’s & Don’ts

  1. Wear time: Shapewear should be worn according to its compression level. Low compression shapewear can be worn up to 8-12 hours, medium for about 6-8 hours, while high compression should be worn for about 4-6 hours. Other than that, always listen to your body. If you feel the need to slip out of it sooner- do that!
  2. Buy the correct size: Smaller size does not mean better support. It is uncomfortable and may harm your body in the longer run. Read the size chart and reviews on our website for the perfect fit.
  3. Hygiene: Read the cleaning instructions label extensively and follow it well. Always wear an undergarment or a panty liner with a bottom wear shapewear to maintain hygiene. Needless to say, sharing shapewear is a no-no.


Don’t let the trends pass you by just because you feel like you don’t have the body for it. Achieve the perfect silhouette for your body by picking out the right shapewear! 


Team Zivame