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Wondering what the difference between boyshorts and hipsters is? Which one of them would be comfortable for everyday wear? What should you wear with what? Yeah, you probably have many more questions about underwear. So, we’re here to give you answers about everything you were too embarrassed to ask! Read on!


If you’re looking for something all-out sexy, then this should be your obvious choice. This popular panty silhouette offers minimal rear coverage with just a narrow band of fabric that rests between the buttocks. Thongs are usually a low rise style and are a great option when you want to ensure there are no embarrassing panty lines. This oh-so-sexy style is a great choice for all your date nights and special moments!


Hipster panties are moderately low rise under clothing and look like a cross between boyshorts and bikini panties. They sit right on the hip and that’s where the name comes from. When you want to rock your high rise trousers or skirts, tummy tucking hipster panties are an ideal choice.


Yes, you’re probably wondering if this qualifies as swimwear or underwear. The name stems from the traditional beach outfit and the same cut was adopted to form the panty style. The bikini panties are stylish everyday panties that sit on or below the hip. In terms of coverage, they offer more than what a thong does but not as much as a hipster panty. They are perfect to be worn under skirts and denims that have low-rise.


As the name suggests, they are styled like shorts for men. Designed with a mid-rise waistline, they are different from thongs or bikinis in the sense that they have full side and rear coverage for long hours of comfort! The wide side lays flat on the skin, doesn’t roll or dig in and ensures that no awkward panty lines are seen. This will be your best bet if you’re looking for something super comfy under short skirts or dresses!

Now that you have gone through our panty dictionary, time to choose a style you love!  

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