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braNever judge a book by its cover, they say; but more than often, people tend to draw conclusions based on first impressions only. Come to imagine – how many times have you been judged for being a certain way on your first appearance? As much as we hate to admit, our society judges a woman based on how she looks or dresses or as a matter of fact, what kind of lifestyle she prefers to lead! But you know what, no more putting up with toxic opinions!. It is time to show the world that you are more than what they can ever see. 

Little do they know that pretty faces and beautiful bodies may have to work long hours to make ends meet, or even provide for their families. From being mothers, daughters, wives and bosses to breaking stereotypes in various fields, a woman’s life is a testament of being so much more than what just meets the eye. 

Similarly that exquisite piece of lingerie on the show rack – it’s presumed to only be  good enough to ornament a woman’s body, but in reality it takes care and provides multiple benefits than just being aesthetically pretty.

This Women’s Day, let us take yet another step towards overcoming such presumptions and appreciate beauty inside out. Take a look at how our most loved lingerie styles serve you in more ways than you can see.

  • Pretty Back Bras – As pretty as it could get – Pretty Back Bras are favoured for their beautiful designs at the back.  But spare a minute and think how much they contribute to helping you wear backless dresses and tops like no less than a diva! Aren’t they your renewed source of confidence on days you want to take on the world with your fashion statement? Well, indeed.


  • High Impact Sports Bras – Known for giving good support and coverage, High Impact Sports Bras are a perfect pick for sport and workout. But something that’s more than you can see is its ability to hold your breasts right in place, avoid unwanted jiggle, wick away your sweat and give you a boost of confidence to perform any kind of physical activity without any worries!


  • Saree Shapewear – Most women love the Saree Shapewear as it has gracefully replaced bulky petticoats. The slit and flair at the bottom further adds to its comfort. But what’s most underrated about the Saree Shapewear is that they can give your entire look a seamless, shaped and hourglass finish. It also helps in shaping your thighs and stomach and keeps away unnecessary chafing. 


  • Strapless Bras – Women love Strapless Bras because they score high on style. Wearing tube tops and dresses without those bra straps peaking out isn’t a matter of concern anymore! However, you might not have thanked it enough for giving you the right support owing to its broad band holding your breasts in place. No fretting about slippage and adjustments. 


  • T-Shirt Bras – It is easy to achieve a seamless look when you wear a T-Shirt Bra. But do you know your T-Shirt Bras can actually be paired with any outfit of your choice? With no lines visible underneath, T-Shirt Bras can be your best bet when wearing body-fitted clothes.  


  • Curvy Minimizer – As the name suggests, Curvy Minimizer Bras help reduce your bust size. But that does not mean you stay uncomfortable due to lack of breathability. These Bras are not too clingy and allow you optimum freedom of movement. Great news is – you can also pair them with any kind of outfits.


So, head to Zivame and explore our styles that deliver more than what meets the eye!

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