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Pregnancy is a time of celebration along with physical and emotional changes. As you prepare for your next role, so does your body- by becoming fuller to support your baby. One of the biggest changes you will notice during this time is the increase in your breast size.

In fact, did you know that breasts can increase between one to three cup sizes during the course of your pregnancy? Understandably, during this delicate time, you need a Bra that does all the heavy lifting and has your back at all times. Here are some tips to choose the best support Bras that keep you comfortable during your pregnancy:

Find the right fit:

With growing aches and pains, the last thing you need during your pregnancy is the discomfort caused by an ill-fitting Bra. To avoid this scenario, ensure your Bra has the right fit, supports your breasts well and most importantly, is not too tight or too loose. Take Zivame’s Fit Code Quiz to know your correct size.

Once you know your true size, try Zivame’s Super Support Bra that gives you an amazing fit and full coverage (no top or side spillage). This Bra is so comfortable, it is sure to become a favourite even after your nursing days are over!

Choose wide straps:

Heavy breasts need to be well supported by your shoulders to avoid neck and back pain. Pick Bras with wide straps as they sit well on your shoulders and hold your breasts comfortably. It is also important that the straps are extendable for making adjustments to support your changing breast size.

Ditch your wired-Bra (just for now):

Avoid buying wired Bras as they may cause discomfort to your sensitive breasts. But, if you still want the support of a wired Bra without the discomfort try Zivame’s WonderWire Bra– a flexi-metal Bra that gives you incredible shape and support along with 3/4th coverage.

Select the right fabric:

While you may still wear a cute lace Bra for special occasions, for everyday wear switch to a skin-friendly option like a cotton Bra especially if you have sensitive skin. Cotton is a soft, breathable fabric that will keep you comfortable for long durations.

Nursing Bra:

As your pregnancy progresses (third trimester and beyond) you may want to switch to a Bra like Zivame’s Nursing Bra that has stretchable cups to accommodate your growing breasts comfortably. Since it is a nursing Bra it will also come in handy once the baby arrives. This dual-purpose Bra is a sure shot winner!

Activity Bra:

Most doctors recommend moderate exercise during pregnancy for maintaining good health. You need a comfortable Sports Bra during this time to avoid any breast pain/injury and keep your bust in place while you work out. Try Zivame’s Sports Bra that is great for activities like walking and yoga. It gives you great coverage and keeps you dry and comfortable during and after exercise.  

Night Bra:

According to your comfort level, you could wear a night time Bra or go completely Bra-free. If you enjoy the snug comfort of a Bra at night you can opt for Zivame’s Miracle Bra which gives you full coverage, is non-wired, and feels light as a feather.

Ladies, we hope our tips are of some assistance during this special time in your life. Zivame offers a wide variety of comfortable Bras to help you navigate your pregnancy with care and comfort. Check them out today! 

Team Zivame