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A one-piece is too boring and two-piece bikinis can be a bit too revealing. If you are bored or uncomfortable with these two kinds of regular swimsuits, how about checking out a monokini? A perfect balance between the two. A monokini shows just the right amount of skin to make you feel sexy and covers the right amount, to avoid making you feel conscious. A plethora of designs and shapes make this swimwear a trending and fiery fashion statement. Let’s help you find out more about what monokinis are.


The term ‘monokini’ was created by an Australian fashion designer called Rudi Gernreich. The first design of a monokini was designed in 1964. It was a pair of high-waisted briefs, which had two thin straps attached to the center of the waistline, haltering around the neck. This initial design left the breasts totally exposed. But through the years, this impractical design evolved into something more practical and fashionable.

Monokinis Today

The years ahead have seen many transformations of this one-piece bathing suit that extended from the shoulders or the bust up to the bottom of the buttocks. Stylists have given this single piece many varieties like halters, cut-outs, Brazilian, triangle, open-back, low-back, single-shoulder, bandeau, plunge, and sleeved. Some just include a lot of straps! Depending on the coverage you want, there is something for everyone. The latest trends also include fancy frills, embellishments, prints, side-cutouts, color blocking, etc.

How is a Monokini Different from a One-Piece or Two-Piece (Bikini) Swimsuit?

A monokini is a piece of clothing in between a regular swimsuit and a bikini. A bikini is a two-piece garment with one part covering the breasts and one part covering your bottoms. It is basically a brief and bra set for swimming.

A single-piece swimsuit covers from shoulder to buttocks or even below up to the thighs and sometimes knees. Some even have a skirt on top. The single-piece swimsuits could also be sleeveless, half-sleeved, or full-sleeved.

A monokini on the other hand is a single-piece garment, but skimpier with a V-cut bottom. It may show more skin with cut-outs, plunging necklines, halter necks, and straps. It is basically two pieces joined together with thinner panels and cloth or strings.

Types of Monokinis

  1. Design Monokini: This is a classic design with cutouts on either side or sometimes the midriff. It is a one-piece that shows off your curves and covers other parts. These usually look best in single colors.
  2. Halter Backless Monokini: As the name suggests, this monokini is backless. It has a caged design and a halter neckline. It is stylish, sexy, and fancy.
  3. Chevron Monokini: Chevron is a zigzag-printed monokini. The zigzag design can be used in many ways like an even print or as a combination of solid color on one side and lines on the other side.
  4. Pleated Monokini: These monokinis are pleated at the waist to camouflage any flab, if that’s what you are looking for. It gives the waistline a good curve and a flatter appearance. Since it is a one-piece that covers most of the body, this type of monokini is preferred by larger women.
  5. Mesh Monokini: For the fashionable, this is a cute piece with a mesh design. It is transparent and sexy and one can strut confidently in it. It accentuates the figure with solid material covering the vitals and has a mesh see-through covering the rest of the body.
  6. Embroidered Monokini: If beautiful and petite is how you love to look, the embroidered monokini is artistic and elegant. The base color can be white, black, or pastel solids with contrasting or matching embroidery. This one-piece swimsuit is suitable for all ages.
  7. Brazilian Print Monokini: Brazilian prints are like geometrics and also resemble Batik. Depending on the prints, this could suit all body types. These are great for beach and pool parties.
  8. Vintage Monokini: A vintage look is always classic and in fashion. Polka dots and stripes with a peek-a-boo cut around the tummy, halter necklines, or thin straps, make this one-piece monokini an all-time favorite. It is cute and stylish! Sexy is not always about showing more skin.
  9. Push-up Monokini: Another halter-neck design, the push-up monokini enhances the breasts and gives shape to the waist. It has cut-outs on both sides with a piece of cloth attaching the bottom and top half. These monokinis can be single-colored or come in a variety of shapes and prints.

Create interesting tan lines and flaunt your bikini body in style. The monokinis crafted with more cut-outs or off-shoulder, deep-neck designs than single-piece swimsuits look more fashionable and upbeat. They show more skin and are a slightly more covered version of bikinis. Go get your own monokinis today for that beach or pool outing that you are looking forward to over the weekend.

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